Friday, January 09, 2009

i heart cables, too!

hot off the needles, here are my latest finished objects:: hand knits for me in pretty green yarn with cables! my friend darcy sent me this beautiful cable needle necklace awhile back and i have put it to good use recently. i did a little experiment and knit the first mitt with a regular cable needle and the second mitt with the cable needle necklace. i LoVe the necklace! i will never loose a cable needle in the couch cushions or under a chair at the coffee shop mid project again!! YaY!! darcy has a couple videos in the sidebar on her blog demonstrating cables with the necklace and you information on how you can purchase one.

this is all the yarn i had left when i bound off the second mitt:: talk about just squeaking by!

and, my new favorite hat!
the yarn:: cascade 200 heathers in lichen
the needles:: # 6 for the ribbing and #8 for the cables.
and one pretty handmade amy butler fabric button!

i made a couple modifications. i cast on 8 extra stitches and knit the ribbing flat, then bound off the extra stitches before joining in the round to create the button tab. i also added a short row to the front half right after the ribbing to encourage the hat to tilt back. i would probably use a larger needle for the cables next time to make it even more slouchy.

as if my recent crafty reading jackpot wasn't enough, i checked this book out at the library today and intend to knit 4 of the projects before i have to return it on the 23rd. so on that note i am off... to cast on!


Darcys Knotty Knitter said...

What an awesome testimonial.
Thankyou for putting the cable needle necklace to the test you rock;)
my favorite color is green and your mitts are so pretty.Hugs Darcy

Michelle said...

Love the mitts! I'm obsessed with them right now, actually. I have been crocheting mine for near instant gratification, but I've got some knit ones in my queue (one of which is Fetching!)

Laurie~Let's Knit It said...

I love your mitts Erika. I can't wait to try cables. :) And of course the Cable needle Necklace

Anonymous said...

Erika you kill me. *L* I need to make myself a hat and I just LOVE LOVE LOVE cables. I need a closer living knitter. I learn so much easier by watching than reading a book or something like that. I just LOVE your hat (and mitts too!).

Darcys Knotty Knitter said...

Iam knitting the Tudora in malabrigo azul profundo:)Hugs Darcy