Sunday, September 17, 2006

Outside Fun...

before Autumn sets in. Niko and Esme' spent the whole day outside playing in Esme's Dora tent. I think they are trying to get the most out of these last sunny, warm days. Personally I am super anxious for Fall! It is my favorite time of the year. I love the weather, and fall leaves, and pumpkins, apples, pears~ yum! We are also big fans of Halloween around here! Check back for costume pictures! And our spooky lack-o-lanterns~

The pets are not toys!!

Esme' has suddenly become obsessed with our dog, Marley, and our 2 cats, Freesia and Jaya. She carries the cats around the house, locks Marley in her room, won't let them go outside when they want too (most likely to get away from her!). Her arms are covered with cat scatches. It has become a full days work to rescue the pets from her. She is not really trying to mistreat them, but they don't look overjoyed to be bossed around by a three year old from morning til night. So I guess we'll take it day to day, and I will continue to be an advocate for these poor pets, and hope that eventually she will leave them be. She really does love them all...

Harvest Hats!

Here are the Harvest Hats I knitted for my etsy shop.

I think the apple is my favorite! They are 100% wool and so soft~ Now, if only I could get Esme' to keep one on...

Knitted using the LTK pumpkin hat pattern:

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Sewing Mama Autumn Swap

I finished my items for the sewing mamas swap and dropped them off at the post office yesterday. Now it will be a couple of weeks of stalking the mailman until my box of goodies arrives. I made 4 knitted wool wraps, 5 nursing necklaces, some Lavender and Clary Sage Bath Salts, Sweet Orange Milk Bath, Tiny Heiny Diaper Balm, and I sent one jar of Milky Mama Nipple Balm for a breastfeeding mama. After all my hard work I was too exhausted to take photos of each individual thing I made, although I wish I would have. Here are some pictures of all my items tucked neatly in the mailing box.

Pregnant-Mama Brain Syndrome (PMBS)

Here are the results of my PMBS- this is my new aqua-phone! It was about 9 pm and Tony had to go to work for a couple hours. On his way out he grabbed a small pile of his dirty laundry and asked me to wash them so he would have something to wear to work. I added a few of my items and threw them in the washer. When I went to transfer the clothes to the dryer this is what I found. I was just sick about it for several days. Tony found it wildly funny, which helped ease my stress about the whole thing. So Esme' and I went to the cell phone store the following morning to replace the phone and purchase insurance, because, I still have 34 weeks to go you know!