Monday, April 28, 2008

fiber love!

i just dropped off this lovely pile of wool at a local fiber shop where it will be consigned. my house smells like wet wool and vinegar, but the pretty, pretty yarn makes it all worth while!!

if you are in the Treasure Valley area please check out Puffy Mondaes where you can find these handpainted and kettle dyed creations as well as many other fair trade and organic fibers.
my stash busting is coming to an end on april 30th so i have been very busy finishing up last minute projects. look for my month of april knitting pictures later this week!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

belly, birth, baby...

and blessed beyond belief!
visit 5 Minutes For Mom for info on the Mother's Day Photo Contest and to see more entries.
read the story of harper's home birth here~

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

going green...

by not driving! yesterday was earth day~ we did a little work in our garden, watched Ratatouille, again, and then decided to get out of the house and do some thrifting. we didn't get far from home, we only got to the nearest starbucks in fact, and my van started making an odd noise. the odd noise very quickly turned into a loud, impossible to ignore noise. we pulled into a parking lot and tony took a quick peek under the hood to find that a belt had come off. so i sat with harper and esme' in the van in the parking lot while tony took a taxi home to get his car (thank goodness we got coffee before the loud noise!) my van was towed so tony's car took us thrifting instead. i found several yards of cotton and cordouroy to sew clothes for the kids and just maybe something nice for myself. tony found a pint glass to add to his collection, and esme' found a dora the explorer scooter.

i spent the rest of the afternoon entering bloggy giveaways~ crunchy domestic goddess is having a great earth-mother giveaway at her blog, and you can find hundreds of fun giveaways at the bloggy giveaway carnival hosted by don't try this at home. good luck!

Bloggy Giveaways Quarterly Carnival Button

now, fingers crossed that my van repairs don't cost me a lot of green...

Monday, April 21, 2008


i made it through the yucky, blah week (see previous post) and just when i started feeling better and more like myself i got sick. i developed a severe case of mastitis in both breasts resulting in a full week of horrible flu like symptoms. i couldn't eat, i couldn't knit, i couldn't even read. that nasty infection took over my whole body. my dear, sweet husband took very good care or me and the house, as did my kids who drew me lovely pictures and picked me large bouquets of dandelions each day.
saturday was my first day out and about in a week. i was tired just an hour after leaving the house but it was really nice to be out in the sunshine again. and, i had the nice surprise of newly bloomed tulips in my front flower beds. i am thankful the kids picked the dandelions instead...

Wednesday, April 09, 2008


this is just kinda how i have felt for the past few days. i am hoping to climb out of my slump in time for the weekend. it is supposed to be nice outside~ 60's and sunny and very Spring-like. this morning i woke up to newly bloomed tulips in the front flower beds... and SNOW on the ground!! i must admit something in me likes the unpredictability of this season.

the highlight of my week was the creative family, a lovely new book by amanda blake- soule arriving on my doorstep~ i had pre-ordered it weeks ago and it couldn't have been delivered at a better time. i am in love with all of the projects and ideas in this book. if you do not already have your own copy, go, now and buy it! you will not be disappointed!

our first project from the creative family will be a book all about harper's first year, written entirely by his siblings. we are going to get it ready to give to him on his first birthday next month~

Tuesday, April 01, 2008


it is 11:50 am and so far i am loving April! it is cool outside, just the perfect temperature for light weight jackets and nice long walks. i am looking forward to blooming tulips, the very first sprouts in the garden, and eating meals outside. we have been getting our hands dirty in the garden this week prepping and planting. yesterday i bought a pretty wicker basket for my bike and went on a nice little ride all by myself. i am looking for a bike trailer for the little ones though so i can take them along too.

i am still stash busting this month... lots of Spring inspired projects!