Sunday, August 30, 2009

hand stitched and homespun

a rusted root (though i call this one rusted hoot!) for autumn. i replaced the lace panel in the pattern with these cute little cabled owls. i love the owls!!

handspun merino on my bobbin. destined to become a hat? mitts? something warm and happy, no doubt!

and my latest magnificently striped knitting project, in progress. any guesses on what it might be?

Friday, August 28, 2009

random acts of handmade kindness

several months ago i stumbled across the toy society blog. are you familiar? if not get over there, fast! it makes me seriously happy just reading all of the drop and find stories and looking at photo after photo of handmade kindness.

today my littles and i decided to make a toy drop of our own.

sweet cherry coloring wallet, dropped at saver's thrift store in the boise weekly dispenser out front. i hope someone finds it soon! i hope it is loved! i hope it makes somebody's day wonderful!

our next toy drop won't be as girly! i am already thinking robots and rocket ships...
stay tuned!

oh, and while you are here be sure to check out the celebrate autumn swap!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

seasonal celebrations swap :: autumn

it is time for the celebrate autumn swap! and i do believe this is going to be my very favorite seasonal swap. seriously, i have been daydreaming about what i will create for this season for months! here are the swap details - i hope you will join us!

what is the seasonal celebrations swap? the seasonal celebrations swap is an exchange that incorporates handmade crafts, nature, and family traditions. participating in this swap is a great way to celebrate the beginning of a new season as well as adopting new traditions and ideas into your family. the swap will focus on handmade, seasonal nature table and home decorations.

how do i join? simply send an e-mail to InspiredMama(at) with celebrate autumn swap in the subject line and the following information::
e mail::
blog address::

to your partner you will send::
1. a handmade seasonal decoration. this can made from fabric, yarn, wood, pinecones, paper... the sky (and your seasonal backyard) is the limit. the decoration can be something to include in a nature table display, a table cover in autumn colors, a vase to hold seasonal flowers or branches...

2. share with your partner your family's tradition to welcome autumn- this can be as simple as a fall poem or a autumn craft. or maybe it is a cultural tradition that you would like to share. you could also include photos of your tradition in action or the supplies needed to create your autumn craft.

3. please also include your favorite seasonal recipe.

sign up until friday sept. 4th, and i will send an e-mail with your recipient's name and information the following evening. swap packages should be ready and shipped by monday sept 28th. that will give us 3+ weeks to work on this project.

please feel free to go above and beyond when creating your swap partner's package, but do not skimp- we want everyone to be thrilled when they receive their seasonal celebrations swap package! also, please, please let me know as soon as possible if something comes up and you are unable to fulfill your swap obligation. there is also a seasonal celebrations swap flickr group where we will discuss the swap and share photos, so be sure to go join! there are several photos there from the spring and summer swaps to give you some ideas and inspiration.

the fabulous thing about this swap is that there will be a brand new one with each new season! i am looking forward to celebrating autumn with you all!

Friday, August 21, 2009

we celebrated summer...

and now fall is right around the corner. i will be posting details for the autumn swap this weekend!

visit the seasonal swap flickr group for even more lovely photos.

Monday, August 17, 2009

the day took us here, there and no where in particular

for lunch we ate spaghetti squash from our garden. vine to oven to table to tummy in an hour!

then we made play dough using this favorite recipe. i spent most of the late afternoon pretending to eat play dough cookies, play dough pasta, play dough pizza, and unrecognizable play dough creations offered to me by harper.

there was also a trip to the book store and i had intentions to buy nothing, but they had a copy and i had a coupon and i couldn't resist. the projects in this book are beautiful and i already have several of them bookmarked in my brain. hmmm, handmade home holiday this year... it could work!

with all this eating and playing and making and reading going on there wasn't much time left for housework. i did clean the bathroom sink while the kids bathed. clean sink, clean kids - good enough! as i sit here now with a cup of tea and a messy house, i don't regret any of it.

a friend for a friend

a little gnome doll, stitched for my friend's little boy. his back is orange minky and he is oh, so soft and cuddly! esme' insisted he is an elf, and now i have visions of a holiday elf made from this pattern roaming around in my head. i also find myself pondering what the difference is between a gnome and an elf. esme' says she does not know...

this pattern is nutmeg gnome from bit of whimsy dolls ~ i love her patterns!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


i am still a mama to four, though the bigger of the kids are rarely featured here on my blog these days. they are busy with friends, and squeezing the fun out of every last second of summer. they are teenagers through and through, and that seems to mean something different depending on the day. some days helpful, some days not so much. but despite the drama, attitudes, and occasional (okay, frequent) eye rolling, i am pretty darned proud of the young people they are shaping up to be.

and did i mention that i am really anxious for the first day of school? i think i might need my own paper chain...

Sunday, August 09, 2009


she asks every single evening if she goes to school in the morning. no, not yet. then we talk about how many vacation days we have left and look at the calender, and she seems to understand. then the next night, as i am tucking her into bed, she asks again. i think i will make her a paper chain or something to help her count down. first grade! she simply cannot wait and i can already feel the lump forming in my throat.

22 days and counting...