Monday, April 27, 2009


below are just a few of the wonderful things that were sent and received in the seasonal celebrations spring swap! come peek at the flickr group to see even more photos. this swap was the pioneer in what i hope to be many seasonally themed swaps! i was amazed and delighted to see the packages everyone put together. bunnies, birds, nests, soaps, cloth napkins, kites, sidewalk chalk, flower seeds, candy, recipes, and many, many more spring inspired goodies were sent.

ThAnK YoU to all who participated! i am planning the summer swap and will post a sign up thread the first week of may! please stop back by and check it out~ you won't want to miss it!

spring swap mosaic

1. swap package!, 2. spring swap bunny, 3. spring swap :: felt birds, 4. felted nests, 5. spring swap :: handmade nest, 6. noname(2), 7. seasonal celebrations SPRING swap, sent, 8. Peek at the spring swap contents, 9. Spring swap card, 10. noname, 11. noname(4), 12. noname(5), 13. Bubbles and chocolates, 14. felted nests, 15. spring swap items, 16. seasonal celebrations SPRING swap, received

Friday, April 24, 2009

mama made

a sweet little skirt for esme'

and a coloring wallet for a friend celebrating her 6th birthday today. we were the only ones who showed up to par-tay with a handmade gift. but handmade gifts are so much cooler than yet another barbie/bratz doll, this mama thinks! and my little gal happens to agree!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

stitched and spun

while harper napped...

mama sewed! i made this little patchwork bib for a blessing shower i attended this afternoon. it was my first time playing with free motion quilting. the verdict, i like it quite a lot. the random pattern it creates is right up my alley!

i also plyed that wool that i started spinning on easter sunday. now i am looking for the perfect scarf pattern for it. it is a heavy worsted and i have roughly 200 yards. any suggestions for me?

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

lions, tigers and kindergarteners... oh my!

yesterday we joined esme's kindergarten class on their first field trip to zoo boise. there is a new african plains exhibit that we were very excited to see. the giraffes were my favorite- they are magnificent! i would have happily spent the whole afternoon with them but when you are with a group of five and six year olds you are only allowed to spend a couple minutes with each animal and then you are on the run (literally) to see what is next.

after the giraffes we saw a big kitty ::

a big nest ::

a big egg ::

a small elephant ::

and a tiny tiger ::

i think the monkeys were harper's favorite. they were very cute and entertaining. they kept coming up to the front of their enclosure to check harper out. it looked like they were inviting him in to play! but no, we decided to pack up our sleepy little monkey and head home for a nice, long nap.

Monday, April 13, 2009


a back yard egg hunt with all of our friends ::

sunglasses from the easter bunny and esme looking a little hunter s. thompson-ish ::

and a lovely pile of fluff that i started spinning yesterday ::

Thursday, April 09, 2009

again with the birds!

i recently whipped up a few more little birds- a couple for our nature table and the rest for a special seasonal celebrations swap package that i put together. i never get tired of them! in fact i have this grand idea to sew up a bunch in different colors so i can change them out for each season. i am also on the hunt for a pretty branch to bring inside for them to perch on.

and check out my adorable little sewing buddy! how could i get anything done right without his company? peek a boo through mama's sewing machine has become a favorite sewing day past time of ours. but sadly sewing days have become very few as we have been busy spring cleaning and playing outside every chance we get. i have plenty of projects planned though. oh, there are always plans....

Thursday, April 02, 2009

simple, but so sweet

i was away from my family last night while attending a good friend's birth. it was especially hard on little harper who still co sleeps and nurses during the night. it was hard on mama too. and daddy since he was stuck with a inconsolable 22 month old boy, missing his mama and his milky.

late in the night i got this text message ::

Harper says mama mayayam! Miss u! We are fine :)

that short little message made me smile, and feel lucky to have these incredible boys waiting for me. i came home at 10 o'clock this morning and was met with an enthusiastic hug from harper. and the hugs still haven't stopped- i have also had a good deal of cuddles and eskimo kisses from my little man. and that is simply the sweetest way to spend an afternoon, if you ask me.