Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sunday, January 09, 2011

sometimes you just don't know sometimes.

basically my week went a little like this...

wednesday we found a zhu zhu pet rock star deep under the couch that had disappeared on christmas morning. i accused tony of throwing it out with the wrapping paper and empty boxes. i don't think i have apologized yet for falsely blaming him. the baby loves watching the zhu zhu pets roam around the living room. the dog, not so much.

this weekend i flaked out on not one, not two, but three get togethers. two due to a nasty tension headache and one after hearing that a dear, loved one is sick. it was scary news to receive but it looks like things are going to be okay over time.

yesterday i spent a little time in the kitchen prepping some food from my last shopping trip before it all rotted with neglect. i cut up a honeydew melon and threw the rinds into the backyard because the garbage was full and i was in my socks.

today i decided to tackle the ridiculous mess that my studio has become. i took a before photo and will post it along with the after photo soon. or perhaps i should post the before photo now... some accountability of sorts...

little luca has a brand new tooth that we had no idea was even coming in. that makes 7 for him now. 4 on top, 3 on the bottom. i made the discovery after he bit me, hard, on the shoulder.

sometimes... sometimes it just goes this way.

however i am on the upswing, dear friends.
monday... bring it.

Wednesday, January 05, 2011

happiest day mitts

today is my mama's birthday! i knit her a pair of charcoal gray fingerless mitts. she requested mitts some time ago and i had intentions of knitting them in time for christmas... yeah...

i was able to find 8 matching vintage buttons in my stash for the welted cuffs. i think they would look really sweet with mismatched buttons too.

and here they are hugging my favorite coffee mug.
the deets ::
the yarn is cascade 220 in charcoal
the pattern is welted fingerless gloves
i used needle sizes 5 and 6

they knit up superquick and the pattern is wonderfully written. i see several more pairs in my future. mitts for everyone!

i also stitched up a little gift envelope to contain the mitts using old calenders. this calender was from 2003, the year esme was born and had all of my midwife appointments, prenatal yoga classes and such written in it. i hesitated for a brief moment but it was the prettiest calender i had so i went ahead and cut into it. only for you, mom.
oh, and i made up a quick tutorial so you can sew up your own button closure gift pouches. come back and visit later this week to see!

happy day, friends!