Sunday, November 27, 2011

handmade workshop :: deck the halls

currently i am working on ::


a new yarn wreath for my front door to replace my mustard yellow autumn wreath.
{my new wreath is pale aqua with red flowers and will have some sort of winter/holiday-ish wish on a wee little bunting...}

fiber lover's ornaments - remember these cuties? so quick and easy! you can make them for all the crafters on your list in one afternoon!


i am still trying to figure out how we could possibly have a tree this year with  mr. mischief maker {luca} in the house. my newest idea involves thrifting a small-ish {3 or 4 foot} artificial tree and putting it on a little table in the corner of the room then pushing the loveseat over to block off access to the tree corner. 

it really is all about small, simple and sane this year, friends.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

pattern winner, handmade holidays and shopping stuff.

the little lamby knits pattern giveaway winner is carmen! watch your inbox for a message from me!


bending birches is currently hosting a wonderful giveaway for this sweet handmade doll from woodland woolens! if you have someone in your life who would love this little friend go on over and enter! best of luck!


my friend heidi from under the humble moon is putting together a handmade for the holidays directory. if you have handmade items to offer this holiday season get your name on the list, i would love to come visit you!


small business saturday is this weekend.

Pledge your support for Small Business Saturday®

The 2nd annual Small Business Saturday® is
a day dedicated to supporting small businesses
on one of the busiest shopping weekends of the year.
On November 26, we're asking millions of people to Shop Smallsm at their favorite local stores and help fuel the economy. When we all shop small, it will be huge.

will you be shopping local this weekend? how about black friday shopping? i have joined some dear friends early black friday morning to shop at the fabric store for the past few years. we get up before the sun, stand in the freezing cold waiting for the doors to open, then buy lots of fabric and notions to finish up our handmade gifts. then we go to the local coffee shop next door to rest and chat and caffinate.  it is actually a lot of fun mostly thanks to the wonderful company. this year however i am not sure that i will go. there is one item in the joanns black friday ad that i would like to pick up (a swivel ott light for my poorly lit studio) but i don't think i will be in line at 5am to buy it. i might save my spending money for small business saturday instead. 

happy thanksgiving, friends! i am very thankful for the wonderful world of blogging that has connected me to all of you! xo

Sunday, November 20, 2011

we met jan brett {she is our favorite!}

look! jan brett's book tour bus! we were so excited!

there were a whole lot of people there but we all agreed that we were not leaving without saying hello and getting our new copy of "home for christmas" signed. so we took a place in the long line.

hedgie was there too!

she gave a demonstration on how she creates her illustrations. 

there she is! we've almost made it through the slow moving line.

it is exciting to be so close.

at long last it is our turn! she was so kind and patient and chatted with the kids about their love for art and their favorite animals. even harper talked with her and told her he really likes bears. 
{if you know harper you know this is a pretty big deal}
she wrote ::
Dear Esmé, Harper and Luca
Love is.
Jan Brett 2011

esmé posed for a photo with her. harper politely declined.

we also picked up a copy of "the hat" for our little library.

now we are back home and all settled in for story time and naps and coffee part two for mama.
*happy sighs*

but before i go i want to share with you what i found! jan's website is full of printable fun for your kiddos! {including some adorable thanksgiving printables}

enjoy, friends!
love is.

Friday, November 18, 2011

little lamby knits pattern giveaway!

i introduced megan from little lamby knits and her adorable patterns last month and now she is back with two new amazing patterns for your little ones!

The Organic Seasons Jacket and Blanket

The Organic Seasons Jacket & blanket are complimentary pieces. The hooded jacket is worked seamlessly & flat from the bottom up, sleeves in the round & then body and sleeves are attached and worked
together with raglan shaping. Hood is knit
seamlessly from the neck up with shaping at the back and then grafted at the top. This sweet jacket features an asymmetrical front closure with button holes & buttons or toggles. The wave pattern is worked throughout with a border on the bottom featuring the seasonal motif of your choice. Borders are worked by picking up stitches along the front and hood edges. There is 2-5" (5-12.5cm) positive ease for comfort & a generous fit.
The Organic Seasons Blanket is worked seamlessly from the center out and has a seasonal motif border along each side. 
Both patterns are sure to become heirloom treasures!

so sweet, yes? megan has generously offered to give one lucky reader both patterns! to enter simply leave a comment on this post.
for an additional entry (leave a separate comment for this one) follow the little lamby knits blog to stay updated on all her wonderful patterns. 
enter until monday november 21st.
good luck, friends!

comments are now closed.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

super hero :: small style

i *think* {gosh, i hope} that he is finally feeling better. it was only three days. but it was three whole, long days {and nights}. i am really ready to get back into the rhythm of our home once again.

yesterday i got him dressed and took him for a short ride in the car to nowhere in particular, but anywhere but here. a little for him and a lot for me.

it turns out fresh air and familiar city streets and jackie greene on the car stereo is good medicine. a little for him and a lot for me.

i am linking up with small style at mama loves papa today.
here is what luca wore on his wee outing ::
green super hero hoodie - target
brown trousers with mushroom pockets - stitched up by mama
butter soft red leather boots - bären-schuhe

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

whine*sniff*grumble {and some happy stuff : giveaways winners!}

i really want to sew today. but luca is still not feeling his best so it looks like another day in jammies on the couch. harper is still in bed and i am afraid that he might not be feeling well either. i had a free appointment set up with my chiropractor for her annual customer appreciation day and i just now called her to cancel.

deep breathe, chin up, snuggle those sweet boys close. babies don't last. i'm going to throw open the curtains and let those healing sunbeams in. i'm going to make them warm herbal tea and rub their backs and kiss their foreheads. i am going to settle in to watch any movie they choose - home alone again? we know it forward and back now. 
i really am lucky to be their mama. i am thankful that they are very rarely sick. and i am thankful that i am right here to take care of them when they are.
{giving thanks :: day 15}

now for giveaway wrap ups ::

the lucky mama who will receive the autumn issue of alphabet glue is vicky from mess for less! woo hoo!
annie has all three AG issues available for purchase here and she is currently hard at work on the winter issue. can't wait! 

and i had to choose another winner for the jane austen stitch marker giveaway because i could not get in touch with the original winner. how unfortunate is that? so the new winner is...
nicole! yay, yay, yay!

watch for an email from me this afternoon vicky and nicole!

** oh, and great news, harper is now out of bed and eating breakfast and feeling just fine. thank goodness! have a lovely day, friends! xo

Monday, November 14, 2011

take care of YOU this {handmade} holiday season :: a guest post

 hello friends! i hope this monday finds you all well. we unfortunately have a mild  tummy bug going through our house - no fun! belly crummies or not i've had lots to be thankful for the past few days. here is a quick summary ::
day 11 - various meet up with fantastic friends {thank you, loves!}
day 12 - sweet sixteenth birthdays {miss niko!}
day 13 - my washer and dryer {tummy bug}
day 14 - autumn sun {glorious healing sunbeams}
 oh, and i haven't closed the comments on the alphabet glue giveaway post just yet, so get over there and enter, quick! 

 and now i am super excited for my first handmade holiday guest post! today i am featuring my sweet friend karen who i was lucky enough to meet at a local yarn shop two winters ago. we were both expecting and had our sweet baby boys just days apart :: my luca and her liam ♥
karen has put together a lovely {and so important} post about taking care of yourself while making a handcrafted holiday. thanks bunches for your contribution, karen! xoxo

We all know how much fun knitting, crocheting, sewing and general craftiness are, but too much of a good thing can lead to painful wrists, hands, forearms and shoulders.  Listed below are some simple things you can do to alleviate the stress and strain of all the holiday craftiness you are probably in the midst of.  Remember though, these self care techniques are good for anytime of the year, and taking care of yourself now will help to ensure you are crafting happily and pain free for many years to come!


Tips to Reduce Stress

1. Make a list of things to do, prioritizing what needs to be done first, and putting off things that can wait for a little while.

2. Try to maintain a normal sleeping pattern.  Same thing goes for your diet.  Yeah, yeah, I know it doesn't sound like fun and some days these goals may be totally impossible, but it will make it easier for you to deal with the ups and downs of the holiday craft season.  All though, the occasional cookie and cup of cocoa does make the crafting just that much merrier ;)

3. Make time to do the things that are truly important to you; its important to take time for yourself during the holiday hustle and bustle.

4. DRINK WATER!!!  It can help you feel better if you have overindulged, and also promotes general health and well being.

5. Realize it may not all get done, especially if you keep adding things to your to do list.  Try setting a date that you will "throw in the towel" and be done with crafting craziness...if it isn't done my then, it can wait. This frees you up to enjoy some time before and during the holidays without feeling guilty.  For me this year, that day is December 17th.

6. Go see your massage therapist, chiropractor or acupuncturist.  All three treatments can greatly improve your physical well being as well as your mental outlook.

Tips to Reduce Pain and Tension While Crafting

1. Take a break!  Stop every hour or so to give your hands a good stretch.  Really open up your palm, stretch your fingers as wide as they will open.  Shake your hands out and maybe rub some nice lotion on them, focusing on the middle of your palm and where your fingers join the palm.  Rub the inside of your wrist with the thumb of the opposite hand. Make small circles with your arms and then let them hang loose at your sides.

2. Close your eyes for fifteen to thirty seconds every ten minutes or so, especially if you are working with a very small gauge knitting project or a difficult to read pattern/chart.

3. If you notice the discomfort lasting longer or becoming more intense, please see your healthcare provider as soon as possible.  Believe it or not, it is possible to hurt yourself by crafting.

4. Knitting yourself a pair of wrist warmers or gauntlets to keep your wrists warm while you are working is a great way to help keep yourself from experiencing discomfort.  Just make sure when you knit them for yourself, you make them snug enough that they wont interfere with you are crafting.  Natural fibers are best for this type of project, as they will retain heat.

5. If you have over-done it, place ice on you hands, wrists or shoulder to help alleviate any pain or swelling that may occur.  A good rule to follow is ten minutes on, twenty minutes off until the pain subsides or the swelling goes down.

6. Last but not least, don’t forget that crafting is what you do for fun!  Sure, we all feel the pressure of the holiday giving crunch, but your family would rather have you happy, healthy and sane for the holidays, even if it means they get an IOU (or better yet, the supplies to make their own gift and a bit of your time teaching them a new craft...its like two presents in one!).


Friday, November 11, 2011

alphabet glue, story lanterns and a GIVEAWAY!

story lanterns aglow

a few weeks ago i discovered alphabet glue - an e-magazine for children who love books {and their grown ups!} from bird and little bird. goodness sakes, what an amazing resource! we have acquired all three issues that are currently available and here is a small sample of what you will find inside ::

  • seasonal book lists {LOVE this! we printed ours and took it to the library}
  • book making tutorials - lots of book making!
  • scavenger hunts, mix and match story cards and many other fun games.
  • how-to-make story buntings
  • story starting jars
  • a printable year of favorites book calender
  • story lanterns
  • and much, much more, friends!

 harper, esmé and i spent the last couple days making our own story lanterns from volume three, the autumn issue.
esmé typed out a condensed version of the gingerbread man story and drew pictures to go along. harper just colored random, cute designs to decorate his jar.

and at bedtime they wanted to take their jars into their room so we taped a glow stick to each lid and put a second glow stick in the bottom of the jars so they could safely be used as night lights.

glow stick lanterns are hard to photograph.

annie, the creative mama behind bird and little bird has generously offered to give one lucky reader volume three of alphabet glue! wouldn't these e-mags make the sweetest gift for your little book lover? maybe printed out and tucked into a basket full of goodies needed to make the projects along with a book or two from the seasonal reading list!

to enter the giveaway simply leave a comment letting me know who you would enjoy your copy of alphabet glue with. does your family have a favorite book for each season?

for an additional entry subscribe to bird and little bird so you won't miss a single alphabet glue announcement and leave a separate comment letting me know that you did.

a winner will be chosen on monday november 14th.

good luck, friends! i hope you win!

i am linking up with gingerbread's sweet saturday post! click over to visit april for a whole lot of wonderful inspiration!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

a whole lotta this and that {and a giveaway winner!}

luca is 18 months old! he is actually 18 months and 3 days old {i totally missed the actually day!!}
he is always busy, very funny, super sweet, often naughty, absolutely adorable, and just a big bundle of loveable energy. 

he is starting to talk - shoes! see! {said while pointing}, yay! {usually exclaimed when asked "do you want to go bye-bye?} mama, daddy, yes, no and kitty are the words he is using most these days.

he likes to give kisses and hugs, he loves our kitty and dog, and he thinks he is a great big kid  and keeps right up with harper most of the time. big and small brothers ♥

giving thanks :: day 9 and 10
day 9 ::
i am thankful for yarn and knitting. i am a dork, i know. but i have the most amazing sweater about to come off the needles. just wait, you will see.

day 10 :: 
heated leather automobile seats, where have you been all my idaho winters?

oh, by the way, this is my 600th blog post! yippee!!
it really has no actual significance but i noticed it and thought it was a little exciting!

and now big winner news for the Jane Austen stitch markers ....
DangandBlast! they are all yours! watch your inbox for a message from me! huge congrats!
and the rest of you, don't fret, i have some more wonderful giveaways coming up in the next couple weeks from alphabet glue and little lamby knits so check back in soon!

Tuesday, November 08, 2011

giving thanks :: days 7 and 8

giving thanks :: day 7
i am thankful for nap time. and once nap is done i live for bed time.

giving thanks :: day 8
thank you, coffee. you keep me going during the in-between-nap-and-bed times. i am thankful.

while you are here check out the Jane Austen stitch marker giveaway!

Monday, November 07, 2011

jane austen stitch marker GiVeAwAy!!

In honor of knit girl in idaho's stitch markers being featured in Jane Austen Knits, {read about it here!} she would like to give away a set of Jane Austen stitch markers (set of 2, shown in photo) to one reader! 
If you aren't lucky enough to win this set, there are plenty more available in her Etsy shop, Knit Girl in Idaho, or you can email her at if she is sold out.

there are two ways to enter!  
- simply leave a sweet comment on this post!
 - then visit knit girl in idaho and add her shop to your favorites and leave a separate comment letting me know. 

a winner will be chosen on thursday november 10th!
good luck, friends!

  comments are now closed - winner will be posted thursday evening!

november sponsor love!

here is what's new with my lovely sponsors!

reni from knit girl in idaho was featured in a magazine!

Are there any Jane Austen fans out there!?  Interweave just released a special publication called Jane Austen Knits, and I am excited to announce
that my Jane Austen stitch markers have been included in the Dry Goods Supplies section of this beautiful magazine! 

If you are interested in purchasing Jane Austen Knits, the digital magazine is available for immediate download now or you can still pre-order the actual magazine and have it shipped to your door.
It's not supposed to hit the newsstands until November 8th, but I've heard that Interweave is nearly sold out and that knitting shops are already requesting additional copies, so get it while you can because they may not print anymore! 
This magazine is a must-have and I am honored to have been included in this absolutely gorgeous Interweave publication!
robyn from girl a go-go designs has colour-your-own-dolls in stock! girls, boys, mermaids and bunnies! they would make the sweetest holiday gifts for creative kiddos! 
colour-your-own-doll (bunny)
"A go-go" from the French "a gogo" meaning, "in abundance" or "galore".

I love creating all kinds of different things and I think this term aptly fits my views on my shop.
Whenever I can, I try to recycle materials. I also look for new fabrics from thrift stores in an effort to use what is already there. But, like anyone who likes to sew, I also buy new fabrics from my local fabric store from time to time. I can't help running my hands over all those beautiful bolts and dream of all the things I would like to create.
Girl A Go-Go Designs
You can follow me on twitter at
I also have a fan page on Facebook too!
and heidi from humble luna survived halloween costume sewing and is now cranking out fun and whimsical items for the holidays!

green and red dragon/dinosaur tail
Hello thank you so much for stopping by Humble Luna!
It isn't too early to start your holiday shopping!
Warm winter clothing and knit accessories are being added regularly so please check back often!
I am always happy to make custom orders with my costumes and clothing. Need a specific size, want a different color? I am happy to work with you to create a custom design.

I appreciate your business very much!
you can also find heidi here :: under the humble moon
also, i have super fun giveaways from alphabet glue and little lamby knits to post in the next week  and  i will be starting the handmade workshop series with a few guest posts from some of my talented friends! be sure to stop back by to check them out!

who else is having a handmade holiday this year? perhaps we should all link up together, a little party of sorts! maybe once a week, we can all come and share our projects... thoughts?

Sunday, November 06, 2011

giving thanks :: days 5 and 6

giving thanks :: day 5
it was the morning after a fabulous night out with my mama friends. i woke up feeling happy and grateful for such special friendships. i dressed my family and we braved the brisk weather {okay, it was just plain COLD!} and watched niko march with her high school band in the veteran's day parade. then we warmed our bones in the cozy car as we drove to a thrift store to browse, and then to another. no treasures were discovered so we treated ourselves to coffee and cocoa and visited a handmade market that some talented friends were set up at. there were several new vendors there too, each with wonderful offerings for holiday shoppers. we spent a good while at the kid's craft table because honestly at this point in the day it was the only place my dear children were content. esmé made a bird out of fabric scraps, pipe cleaners and feathers and harper made a necklace and a feather wand. then it was home for rest and dinner and bath tub soaks and finally, at long last, bed.
i am thankful for days just like this.

giving thanks :: day 6
i am thankful for a husband who doesn't mind doing the grocery shopping for our family of 7 this week just so i don't have to drag all of the kids to the store with me. seriously, how lucky am i?! very.

Friday, November 04, 2011

whip up science.

after dinner, in our jammies, right there on the dining room table we created erupting volcanoes! they were fizzy, and foamy, pink (not quite enough red food coloring!) and oh, so exciting!

we tried one volcano using only vinegar and baking soda and got a little fizz. the next round we added a bit of liquid dish detergent and had a big, foamy eruption that lasted for nearly 30 seconds and then foamed more when esmé gave the bottle a shake.

we were inspired to make volcanoes by issue #6 of whip up's action pack - zap and zest. 
and we have already unanimously agreed that our next project will be homemade chalk from issue #5 - chalk and cheese. {homemade chalk!! squeeee!!}
i cannot even begin to tell you how much we LOVE these mini mags! seriously folks, we adore them, so much. and now there is a brand new issue out, called sticks and stones. we are pretty excited to check it out. though the activities are geared towards youngsters in the 7-12 year old range we are finding that harper (4 yrs.) can easily participate and he is a wonderful assistant!

the message behind these action pack mini mags is wonderful too ::

Action Pack: A mini-mag for kids who want to do stuff!

Get your kids off the couch with this printable mini-mag for kids (aged 7+) priced at only $5.
Inspire them with 25+ pages of craft projects, outdoor activities, cooking, art and more, everything a kid needs for a weekend (or two) of activities.
Educate them through the six senses without them realizing they are even learning.

good stuff, yes? so what are you waiting for, friends? go check it out for yourself!
happy friday, wishing you all a wonderful weekend!

giving thanks :: day 3 and 4

giving thanks :: day 3
i love raising creative, free thinkers. always wondering and questioning and transforming as they take more in. everyday they learn and change a bit more, some days a lot more. i watch it all unfolding in front of me and there is no greater joy. a good friend posted this quote on facebook a few weeks ago ::
"The sign of intelligence is that you are constantly wondering. Idiots are always dead sure about every damn thing." 
~ Jaggi Vasudev
this is so true. feel free to remind me if i ever forget. please.
i am thankful for wonder.

giving thanks :: day 4
i am thankful for cool showers after hot yoga. namaste.

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

autumn bunting winner and giving thanks

harper chose lucky number SIX for the autumn bunting giveaway. that is you erin {sweet smile creations} erin is a very talented local photographer - she took the best photos of my family after luca was born, including the sweetest pics of my little guy nursing and showing off his adorable cloth diaper
erin, i will be in touch with you this afternoon! xo

day 2 :: giving thanks
i am incredibly thankful for my family. yes, this sounds pretty basic and generic, but really, i am so lucky to be where i am and i know it. each one of these amazing children has taught me so many lessons about life. luca is currently teaching me about patience and slowing down to savor the moment i am in. i have been feeling frustrated and overwhelmed with his seemingly non-stop nursing. i feel like he should be sleeping more at night and nursing less, both at night time and during the day. but then it hits me that he is not going to be nursing and snuggling with his mama forever. i mean, just look at my family - i blinked and esmé and harper are big kids now. this is harper's last year at home with mommy before he begins his journey through school. and riley and niko are much too quickly  preparing to try out their wings and leave our nest. it is all happening so fast. too fast.

so, i am thankful for my family. every single second, every crazy day, every tuck-the-same-child-into-bed-over-and-over night, the nursing, the snuggling, the kisses every morning. there is nothing basic or generic about any of this, dear friends!

yours in this moment,

Tuesday, November 01, 2011

trick or treat {another waddler} and giving thanks.

 our little lion.
all he wanted to do is run around the yard and play but we made him sit for photos.
and there is little red and the big bad {super adorable} wolf again.

he was happy after trick or treating began. here he is after his very first house.

and remember harper's trick or treat waddle? no? you can see it here - it was his first trick or treat in the same little lion costume. we recorded luca's waddle too. turns out he is a lot more clumsy than his big brother was. not to worry, he got steadier on his feet after the first block or so. poor dear...

and lastly, i am joining morgan at mama loves papa in 30 days of giving thanks. i may not blog every single day, we will see, but i will be sure to fill in the gaps on the days that i do post.

day 1 :: giving thanks
  today i am thankful for the amazingly sweet guy i am married to - the one that escorted {often carried} our little lion to each door last night and enjoyed every second of it. he is the very best daddy and husband and i am lucky, lucky to be his girl ♥

welcome november!