Monday, December 10, 2012

a recipe for happy*

 turn the tv off * listen to silly music * eat favorite foods * dance like you mean it * bundle up and get outside * get wet and muddy and cold * come inside and change into something soft and elastic waisted * cuddle in blankets and drink tea * read stories and tell your own * giggle lots, tickle, hug, kiss, and get sleepy * settle in for a cozy nap

yesterday was the worst and i cried after the kids went to bed and decided that we have to make some big changes for my sanity and well being as well as theirs. 
today is the best! fresh air, lots of play and music and books and sleep! 
happy mama ♥ happy toddler

Monday, December 03, 2012

inspired mama MAKES! just a little update*

 hello friends! here i am, back to blogging, simply because i can. and i want to. the truth is i have been missing this space and my blog friends and my readers terribly, so here goes, a little show and tell ::

i made these sweet girlies for a market last weekend. my original plan was to also sew some little boy dolls with super hero masks and capes. and some beautiful dark skinned dolls. and maybe some crowns and pixie hats for them all. but, as often happens, my dreams were much more grand than my real life allows and the five little ladies in the photos are what i was able to complete.

 i also made these sweet little gift tags to give away with purchases. i have a tag shaped punch and cut these from card stock then glued the wool felt leaves and buttons in the corner and added a piece of bakers twine (i hadn't added the twine when i snapped the pic above) and that's it! adorable gift tags!

here is my table display at the hip holiday market. i sold crowns, dolls, pixie hats, coloring wallets and other miscellany. i participate in this market every year and it is always a wonderful time!

yours in the handmade holiday spirit,