Friday, July 08, 2011

vintage :: kitchen :: love

i spent the afternoon decluttering and organizing in my kitchen. except it turned out to be one of those projects where the room actually looks worse now than it did when i started. that means progress was made, yes?

i got rid of lots of stuff that i never use to free up space for all of the things that i love to use. i cleared a special shelf to hold my vintage pyrex collection. i parted with several cookbooks though i still feel that we own a few too many so that shelf will likely go through a second clean up round.

i got this set of treasure craft woodland canisters all cleaned up with the intention of finding them a new home. but in the process of spiffing them up i fell in love with them all over again. *sigh* so now i need to fill them up with goodies and find them a proper home on the counter top, not up in the dark cupboard from which they were rescued.

and do you remember this adorable birdie crock from a couple summers ago? it was also stashed on a shelf in the very, very back. not anymore, it has been dusted off and moved up front where it will surely get some loving.

this yellow tea pot is also a favorite vintage piece of mine. it belonged to tony's great grandmother. we use it occasionally in the winter months but i am terrified that it will get bumped off the table and broken. things like that happen in a house full of small people. a lot.

the little cozy that covers it is lined with gray wool felt. i love that part!

it is funny how happy these things made me today. had i only known i would have retrived them from their dark hiding places long ago.
what treasures have you discovered or rediscovered recently?

Tuesday, July 05, 2011

still weekending...

in my last post {nearly a month ago!!} i wrote about my love for summer break. even though it is only july i am starting to sense back to school lurking around, sneaking right up on us. i am just trying to soak up every single second of the carefree, never ending weekend that is summer vacation.

here is a sweet little video of my adorable little guy toddling around last night while we waited for the fireworks. he is in that clumsy and dangerous but super, super quick stage so i spend a whole lot of time chasing him around and trying to keep him from seriously injuring himself or destroying everything in his path. i am careful to not wish it away because i know one morning i will wake up and he will be big. just between breakfast and dinner each day he changes and grows. babies don't keep and never has time passed so quickly.

so dear friends, please excuse my absence from this space as i spend my days loving, protecting and nourishing my little people. i will return very soon, perhaps even tomorrow.  

love and blessings, erika