Monday, July 16, 2007


Our family, as crazy as we are, are going on a little road trip! We will be driving from Boise to Montana, with a couple stops in between. This will be Harper's first big trip and we are a little apprehensive since he barely likes to ride to the grocery store. I am planning on sitting in back with him hoping this will make him happy. We'll see.
So we will leave Wednesday morning and drive to Riggins, about 4 hours away (5-6 hours if you are traveling with 4 little kids!). We are staying in our favorite lodge and probably won't be going out much as the temps there have been around 110 degrees!! YUCK! The kids will be able to swim and they love to hang out downstairs by the fireplace and play board games and do puzzles. Oh, and their favorite, fresh baked cookies and milk in the evening. This, and this alone, is enough to make this their favorite place to stay! Then Thursday we will drive to Polson, Montana where we will be staying with Tony's parents. We are staying until the following Wednesday, then it's on the road again for us. Riley and Niko will be staying an additional week, so we will only have half the kids on the way home. This may make it easier, or harder, and unfortunately we do not have priviledge of knowing which beforehand.
Niko and I are getting our hair cut tomorrow so check back for some before and after pics :)
And, another fun giveaway! YAY! Check out Adventures in Babywearing for your chance to win a $50 gift certificate to Kangaroodle, where you can find something cute for everyone! And while you are at it, check out Mama Speaks, a new super cool review blog written for moms by moms!

Sunday, July 15, 2007

I have been spending most of my time in the air conditioned house holding the baby and knitting. With a little house work thrown in (very little!) I finished these sweet shorts for Harper this week. He had outgrown nearly all his diaper covers. He grows in his sleep each and every night!

And some modeling pictures!
Look at all the progress I have made on my BabyWearer poncho. I love the colors. Let's see... I can't wait to finish it so I can wear it and I can't wait for the weather to be cool enough so I can wear it!

And, I entered World Breastfeeding Week photo contest at Musings of a Crunchy, Domestic Goddess blog. This is the picture I submitted. Everytime Harper nurses he stares into my eyes, occasionally smiling up at me until he falls asleep. I also love this picture because it shows his sweet rolls of baby chub... courtesy of mama's milk of course!

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Busy Needles...

It's been awhile since I have had any wooly fun to post... I guess it has something to do with a new Baby occupying most of my time lately! And I can assure you I wouldn't have it any other way! Despite spending most of my days cuddling and loving on this sweet little boy of mine, I have accomplished a few projects~

These are a pair of little shorts I knitted for a swap. They were for a little baby girl who is just a couple weeks older than Harper. It was fun knitting for a baby girl! But, back to the boy knits for me!

And here are our Magic Yarn Balls for another swap that Esme', Niko and I participated in. From left to right are my yarn ball, Niko's and little Esme's. This was Esme's very first swap and she is completely sucked in. She had as much fun putting this together for her swap partner as she did unwinding her own and discovering her loot!

And here is the yarny goodness we received in exchange. From left to right: my MYB from my friend Jessica in her Jade Monkey colorway and a skein of beautiful gold trim to go with it (I am planning to knit Harper some longies with this special yarn!), Niko's yarn in a pink and brown (her favorite color combination at the moment) from Jessica's daughter Kaitlyn, and Esme's very special yarn from her friend Rebekah. The colorway is "Beka's Berries". My loot isn't in the picture but I got 2 kinds of coffee, some vanilla syrup, some dark chocolate, and some yummy mint lip balm. I am enjoying some chocolate velvet coffee right this second and I had, um, chocolate for breakfast...

A box containing this wonderful wool arrived on my doorstep last week. It is for The Babywearing Poncho seen here. The photo does this yarn no justice. It is absolutely gorgeous. I will post updates on the progress of my poncho. My goal is to have it finished, washed and blocked by September!

And on my needles right now are a pair of shorts for Harper since he has outgrown practically every piece of wool he has. This is Malabrigo in the Curacao colorway.

Friday, July 06, 2007

another FABULOUS babywearing give-away!

Oh, my, goodness... this one is so exciting!! Visit this blog for a chance to win the new Podonbutai from All Natural Mommies.

And just for fun, another babywearing photo!

This is our new BabyHawk that I won in the NINO raffle. Right now it is among our favorite carriers. But, I am totally drooling over that Podonbutai!!