Thursday, February 17, 2011

february :: it's a day to day thing.

the day before yesterday ::
muddy, messy, sunny and warm. tulips were spotted peeking up from the front flower beds. playing in the backyard. swinging, bubble blowing run, run, run.

today ::
fluffy white wonderland. excited little faces peering out the window. "SNOW!" they exclaim.
mama gets busy locating mittens and scraping mud off of the snow boots that were left in the garage earlier in the week, when it was spring.

ohhhh, february.

Monday, February 07, 2011

nine months in, nine months out.

our little luca-bird is nine months old today! can you believe it? because i can not.
it does not seem like nine months has passed since this beautiful little soul entered our lives, just like that.
it doesn't feel like nine months ago i was holding a brand new baby at my breast wondering what we should call him and asking him to please grow slow.

currently our little guy is rolling and scooting but not quite crawling. he loves bananas and avocados and mama's milk, of course. he is very ticklish, especially under the arms, and bursts into adorable belly laughs when we tickle him there. we tickle him there quite a lot. he has seven teeth and the eighth is just under the gums and we expect it to poke through any day. he likes it when we sing to him and sometimes he tries to sing along. his favorite song is the name game.

the past nine months have been perfect. every drooly day, every sleep deprived night, every fleeting second.

everything is perfect when you are in love.

we love you, sweet luca-bird!

*updating to report that tooth number eight has made an appearance. that's right, eight tiny teeth in his beautiful grin