Saturday, October 23, 2010

harvest festival

we visited the north end organic nursery today for some family friendly harvest celebrating.
the festivities included bouncy houses, swings and slides, cotton candy, hot cocoa, live music and local produce.

he started out in costume

but once we discovered pumpkin painting he shed his furry coat and went to work. i talked him into choosing this green and orange pumpkin because i thought it looked so cool but it was soon covered completely with a rainbow of thick, gooey paint. and it looks even better than before.

esme went with a classic jack o lantern look for her pumpkin. she also let some teenagers paint a small pumpkin on her cheek while harper respectfully declined.

we tried so hard to get luca to smile for the camera but all we ended up with are about a dozen photos that look just like this. he was sleeping sound just moments after this photo was taken.

just look at all of the locally grown pumpkins and that great big chair!

happy harvest season, friends!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

pondering, planning, daydreaming

hey, remember the seasonal celebrations swaps? i think i hosted three seasons... spring, summer and autumn. a winter swap didn't happen. what did happen is life and i was pregnant and tired, then i had a tiny baby and big kids to care for and we were busy, busy, busy... so no surprise that the swaps were forgotten.

ah yes, those swaps sure were a whole lot of fun.

you can view all of my swap posts here- scroll down and you will see the seasonal celebrations posts. and there is a flickr photo pool where we shared our creations.

what do you think, friends? should we start planning a swap to celebrate winter and give our upcoming season a proper welcome? if there is interest let me know as i would love to put this idea in motion once again.

yours in renewed and rediscovered inspiration (!),

Saturday, October 09, 2010


new {to him} toys.
we joke that this is his command center. he is already pretty handy with all the little controls and knobs and levers like he knows just what they are for. now, to take over the world...

new {to me} studio.
i recently took possession of this spare bedroom in our home and we are in the process of transforming it into a sweet little sewing-crafting-creative-happy-mama space. the walls are no longer pale green. you will have to wait for my next batch of photos to see what color i chose. this project is far from over but already the change is quite amazing and it is feeling like mine. paint is magic.

happy weekending, friends!

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

keep them close

2 year old esme in a mei tai, winter 2005

5 month old harper in the beco, autumn 2007

brand new baby luca in a pouch carrier, spring 2010

please join steph and the baby carrier industry alliance and show your support for safe babywearing!

Saturday, October 02, 2010

the un-inspired mama

i know the calender says it is october but the weather tells another story, therefore i have been completely un-inspired to do anything autumn related. our nature table has not been updated with all of my favorite decorations that represent my favorite season. my tee shirts have not yet been replaced by fall-weight sweaters. and hats... i really want to start wearing soft, hand knit hats! my inspiration for this space has also been missing lately. hopefully it will return soon, perhaps when the thermostat dips below 80 degrees and i feel on track again... we will see.

in my last post i shared a couple photos that were taken by a new friend, erin, a few weeks ago. if you go peek at her blog and scroll down a bit you can see a few more of our family's photos.

here are some other favorites from that afternoon ::

and, just for fun, a sweet little video of baby luca being entertained by his brother and sister. harper makes a couple appearances as well...
luca was very drooly that afternoon and a few days later we found out why when his very first tooth peeked through his gums. right now he has two tiny teeth. and he is still drooly.