Saturday, August 04, 2007

Blogging Mommy's worst nightmare...

Well, we made it home from our trip to Montana safe and sound and reletively sane... Riley and Niko spent an extra 10 days there with Grandma and Grandpa and just got home today. The day after we arrived home I excitedly went to post some vacation photos for friends to view and discovered that my memory card from my camera is unreadable!!! No pictures to be found! Not good news for a blogging mommy like myself. I am so, so sad about this but still have a glimmer of hope that I can take it to someone ( a professional of some sort) and my family pics can somehow be retrieved. Fingers crossed!

This lovely fluffy mail arrived for Harper while we were gone from my good friend Joy from Bundles of Joy!

She uses all recycled materials when making her diapers and wool covers. So these wool covers are made from felted wool sweaters and the tie dye diaper is a tee shirt and the other two are from a retro towel I picked up at an estate sale and gave to her so she could sew groovy cloth diapers!

Esme' painted some new pictures for Harper's Gallery~ she tapes them to the fireplace for him to look at!

Of course being an artist is a very messy job but she enjoys every second of it! These were not finger paints by the way!

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