Sunday, March 30, 2008

random, random...

i have been a busy mama this week! there have been several times in the past few days that i have thought about sitting here in my computer chair to blog, but the thought always escapes me as i rush off to my next project or chore. here is a quick update on what is new with me~

i attended a very special birth on Easter Sunday. my good friend and her
family welcomed a new baby boy into the world, peacefully at home. it was
the first birth i have attended since harper was born over 10 months ago. it
was a lovely thing to witness.

i have been knitting like crazy! i am still stash busting and loving it! i have not bought any yarn or knitting related items for 4 weeks now! i am only knitting stash yarn. only 4 more weeks to go... i can totally do this!

harper and esme' and i participated in earth hour last night... well, we kind of participated. it was right in the middle of our bedtime, wind down time. we lasted a good 45 minutes, then the night light and lullabies CD came out!

i dusted off my poor, neglected bicycle yesterday and got it ready to ride. my bike has been parked since i got pregnant with harper. i can't wait to start riding again! i am going to buy a pretty wicker basket for the handle bars first thing tomorrow.

our garden is ready to plant! i already have carrot seeds planted and several seeds started in the house. we are trying rainbow carrots this year. i just hope esme' can leave them in the ground long enough, unlike years past!

this is my latest knitting project, in progress. it is a cute little short sleeved wrap sweater for a little baby girl that a friend of the family is expecting any day now. i might even have enough yarn to knit a little hat... or booties... or both!

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