Friday, May 14, 2010

random postpartum musings

luca is one week old today.

i can hardly believe it. his umbilical stump fell off wednesday evening and while i was thrilled to not have to worry about bumping it or making sure his cloth diaper didn't cover it i was a little sad and overwhelmed at how quickly time passes once baby is on the outside. truthfully i am so happy he is finally here, in my arms, at my breast, and not inside my ribcage. he really is absolutely amazing!

i have a knitting project involving cables in progress that i tried to pick back up yesterday. i have no recollection of where i was in the pattern... and what does "c8f" and "c8b" mean again? hmm, knitting might have to wait another week, or two.

i did finish a sweet little knit romper for the baby quite a while back. it has been sitting in my knitting bag, waiting for perfect buttons. i am considering taking my newborn and toddler boys to the fabric store to buy some. button stitching sounds simple enough and then i would have something fun to share with you here instead of all this new baby/postpartum mama stuff.

before i go i want to thank you for all of your wonderful comments on the arrival of our little luca! i enjoyed reading each sentiment and am so happy to share our family's excitement with you.
thank you, friends!

and lastly, a quick message for my little luca bird ::


that's all.


*Michelle* said...

c8f... Put four stitches on your cable needle & hold them to the front while knitting the other four stitches.

c8b... Hold four stitches to the back.

Enjoy those sweet (fleeting!) baby days, mama.

Lovely Little Lovelies said...

1 week old? how is that possible??

kraftykash said...

LOVE the feet picture....priceless!

Samantha S said...

What a sweet post. The newborn time really does fly by and it's definitely something to be cherished... even though some moments you wish your little one was already 16 and impossible to wake up without a foghorn. ;) Congratulations!

Val in the Rose Garden said...

He is SO beautiful! Congratulations Erika! You are incredible and this baby has come to the perfect mama at the perfect time. Enjoy the rest of your babymoon!

Love Val