Saturday, June 12, 2010


thrifted treasures ::

i found this super fabulous vintage fabric tucked away behind some dusty, discolored stretch polyester. i paid $7. there are 5 1/2 yards of it. plenty to sew kitchen curtains, and cloth napkins, maybe even a table runner or place mats. seriously, the colors. the flowers. i am considering painting the kitchen and redecorating the whole room around this cheery print. what do you think?

this little knitting basket just had to come home with me. i certainly have plenty of works in progress to fill it. i also found a small cream pitcher for my morning coffee and miss esme fell in love with a handmade cloth doll with jointed legs and jointed arms. the arms, however, have not been sewn on yet and were just laying in the basket beside the doll. no problem for my girl, her mama sews!

i do believe this is the very best new baby gift ever. my mother and father in law visited a couple weeks ago and brought me an umbrella clothesline. my father in law also dug the hole and cemented the center pole in place for us. this was greatly appreciated because with the complete absence of spare time in our lives right now the clothesline would have sat in the garage all summer, untouched. perhaps i will sew a pretty little clothespin bag with my new thrifted fabric.

and of course we have spent a whole lot of time cuddling that sweet baby boy. he stays awake and socializes now. he grins at us and tries to tell us stories. there is always someone around to hold him. he is not lacking in hugs and kisses. he is told how much he is loved no less that a thousand times a day. i suppose it isn't all that bad to be the smallest member of a big family.

happy weekending, friends!


Janey said...

SWEETNESS - love the fabric and plans for it!

Amybel said...

I have the same knitting basket! The fabric is a little different, but it sits beside the chair I use at night. Does yours have two pockets too? So great to keep the gadgets handy! I love mine, I hope you grow to love yours too :).

Jess said...

Love love love the fabric and bag. What a find!

be said...

the fabric and bag are awesome! also, YAY about the clothesline! dean put a new one up for me the other day too! <3 line-drying:)

Katidids said...

That is a score! I would totaly redo the kitchen to use that fabric. And the knitting bag looks in such good shape what a score!

A Homeschool Story said...

Oh, such gorgeous children, and such sweet memories come to mind; I remember so well the May birth of baby no.5 three years ago! (He has red hair, too!) DH was so sure it was a girl, we had pre-named him "Lucy." It took two days to find another name!

I found you on Ravelry and had to check out your blog. What wonderful things you are up to! The fabric is great, happy sewing. And enjoy that baby.


Val in the Rose Garden said...

Love your finds! How fantastic. :) Luca is such a cute baby! No wonder with world is already wrapped around his tiny fingers.

Love Val

Bending Birches said...

oh, yes- the fabric is def. a great find!!!!
love your wash pics....cloth diapering rules!