Tuesday, March 22, 2011

sun seekers

we are bored to tears of being cooped up in our tiny house together. it is march after all and we have spring fever, bad. we have had crazy but typical march weather here in idaho including snow, sleet, hail, wind, rain and a tiny bit of sun. we've been making plans and getting ourselves out and about, unpredictable conditions and all.

saturday we met some friends at the local nature center for some early afternoon exploring. it was chilly and a little windy. then it rained and snowed on us and my kids were thrilled. we left earlier than we had planned and they were grouchy that we couldn't eat our packed lunches in the park. i promised another visit very soon.

below is a short video of the snow just starting to fall on us.

today the SUN WAS SHINING so we out for a long neighborhood walk. i got too warm in my sweatshirt and the boys stayed cozy and comfy in the stroller.

look at how happy this little guy is to be outside!

and by the time we returned home luca was exhausted and slept on the couch most of the afternoon. one would think it was he who pushed a double stroller containing two handsome boys up hills, down a muddy canal road and along just about every neighborhood street in our area.

fresh air and sun beams are good for the soul. today was just right.

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