Thursday, February 16, 2012

this is what we do.

 creative blog posts sit in the very back room of my busy brain waiting {sometimes not so patiently} for me to dust them off and share them with you. knitting projects travel on their needles into the next season. oh well, they will be ready to wear next year. and housework, oh housework... 

our littlest guy is a tornado tucked inside an adorable, ginger-haired package. if i go to use the rest room he tears up the mail. when i retreat to the kitchen to prepare a meal he gets my favorite lip gloss from my bedroom and chews it up. when i give him cheerios in a small cup he flings them across the floors.

 i tried to take a few photos of him today. he wasn't much interested.

these giggles happened when i kissed him over and over saying "why didn't mama get tidy little babies?!" in a silly voice. haha, funny.

messy moment caught in a photo. breakfast yogurt dolloped onto freshly washed hair.
i tried to wipe it out with a wet wash rag. of course that didn't work so i re-bathed him.

this is what we do.

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Robyn said...

That sounds like a typical day in our house too. Although, now that the kids are getting older, it's not quite as messy. Now I spend 3/4 of my day feeding them, especially the two youngest ones because they are home. I swear they eat 2-3 breakfasts, 2 lunches, a snack before dinner, dinner, and then another snack before bed. I think our food bill is high now - I'm scared to see what it's like when they are teenagers. I better have a decent job by then so we can afford to feed them.