Friday, April 13, 2012

this week*

 on monday while luca napped i cut harper's hair shorter than he has ever wore it. he is, of course, absolutely adorable and it seems to survive the day a little better than his shoulder length golden locks, especially when tucked into a bicycle helmet for an entire afternoon.

 these photos were taken immediately after the cut and i have since fixed it up a bit. like that longish chunk right the behind his ear has been trimmed shorter, for example...

 on tuesday while luca napped i sewed this reversible dress up cape for a little friend's 4th birthday (which is today! YaY!) 

and yesterday we discovered this set of vintage chairs while out thrifting and happily paid $15 (!!) for the two and brought them home. the bottom cushions were dirty but easily cleaned right up. they are perfect for my space and i have been looking for so long for something just like them. but then today i stopped into another favorite thrift store looking for a side table and ottoman and i found an amazing rocking chair. comfy, pretty, and in fantastic shape. gah, i must have it, but where am i going to put it? i am considering putting one of the new green chairs in storage so i can bring the amazing rocker home. that seems reasonable, yes? i think i will sleep on it and decide in the morning. 

happy friday, friends! i hope your weekend is off to a fantastic start! xo

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