Wednesday, July 25, 2012

wild and magical*

 i almost stayed behind with luca. i was feeling so overwhelmed and grouchy and just not nice to be around. at the very last second i packed up some clothes and books and my hula hoops and drove two hours with my family to spend a couple of the most magical days in the woods.

it turns out breathing woodland air under a lush canopy of trees, two hour hikes, gushing mountain streams, wild huckleberries, quiet lakes, campfire coffee, happy little folk, and wonderful company along the way is good medicine for the soul.

we found this little piece of a robin's egg shell and could see where the tiny bird pecked its way out. we also saw a mule deer eating something tasty left behind by another camper just a few feet from our tent, a little red fox and the most exciting sighting was a mama bear with her twin cubs on a mountain road on our way to the lake.

it was everything i needed and more. inspired mama, fixed up right by those wild, woodland ways!

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Heidi said...

Sounds so lovely!