Thursday, September 27, 2007

kid nation

this is my kids favorite show on tv right now. here is a link where you can watch a clip if you are not familiar:
basically a large group of kids with ages ranging from 8-15 are set free in an abandoned ghost town and it is up to them to work together to make their new little villiage work. it reminds me of frontier house (do you remember this from pbs?) but with kids! it is really cool to see them working together and making plans and problem solving so everything runs smoothly. it is also fun to hear my own kids talk about what they would have done in the same situation. so far the kid nation kids are doing great~ they cook, do laundry, pump and carry their water, clean the outhouses, and even butcher chickens! riley and niko have already asked me to sign them up for next season~

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frugalmom said...

My kids are loving this show too. They watch each episode a couple times, too.