Monday, September 24, 2007

playing catch up...

i have been horrible about blogging lately. no good reason for it, i have just been busy with other things. for instance Raverly has sucked up a huge lot of my spare and not-so-spare time. i was invited to join Raverly a month ago as a beta tester and quickly poked around then left it alone for 3 weeks. this weekend i finally did some serious browsing and oh, my... it is fiber lover's heaven!! fun stuff, that Raverly!
here is a cute photo of esme' i took yesterday as we were on our way out the door to pick up her big sister. yes, i really did take her out of the house dressed like this. the more kids you have the less these things matter to you. i was just happy to find that she had 2 shoes on, and the fact that they are on the right feet is a huge bonus!
she told me the other day that she wishes her hair was pink! she is a colorful girl... kind of like the love child of cyndi lauper and punky brewster...
and i actually completed a knitting project recently!! i knitted the giving pixie hat for harper. it is knit with malabrigo in the VAA colorway. i have a pair of pants on the needles in the same yarn.
would you just look at that sweet little face! another reason my blog has been neglected... i spend most of my days kissing those lovely cheeks, and getting my fair share of wet, slobbery kisses in return, and loving every second of it!

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