Sunday, November 11, 2007

discovering family fun!

our family visited The Discovery Center of Idaho friday with some of our cloth diapering friends. we spent 3 hours wandering and playing and having fun. riley and niko were out of school for the day and tony did not have to work. it was one of those rare times where all 6 of us were all together!
and what kind of a blogging mommy would i be if i didn't have lots of pictures to document our trip?!
here is niko making a pen drawing~
and riley, thrilled to be spending his day off with his family (he really did have a great time, i promise!!)
they have the cutest little play market, complete with shopping lists, carts, baskets, cash registers and shelves stocked with goods. esme' and niko spent a good chunck of time in there playing... i mean shopping!
esme', checking out. see her little bear on her back? she wore her the whole day.
this was the animal hospital. she was bandaging up a little bunny. when i asked what happened to the bunny she said "she lost her neck." yeah, that's bad, but nothing that a little gauze can't fix!

this is a chair where you pull yourself up with a rope. niko did the pulling for esme'...
and here she is pulling herself up.
this is one of our favorite exhibits... the bubble wall!
i realized after uploading all these pictures that we don't have any of harper! you can see him on my back... he spent most of the trip sleeping back there.
and i couldn't resist posting this cute little photo of esme'. we left there hungry and tired... and we can't wait to go back!

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