Friday, November 23, 2007

sitting up, teething and squash, oh my!!

my not-so-little guy is growing so fast! too fast actually~ i really need him to slow down so i can enjoy each stage. at 6 months old he is able to sit up without help and play now. we are hoping that the hair on the back of his head will finally grow back now that he is up and moving around more! he hasn't tried to crawl yet but he can roll all over the living room.
he also cut 2 brand spankin' new teeth a couple weeks ago. they came in a couple days apart. soon after they broke through the gums he went through a tiny biting mama phase when he was nursing~ OUCH!! thank goodness it was short lived! so he now has an adorable toothy grin but you would never know since he won't smile for my camera. trust me, it is the cutest thing!

yesterday was thanksgiving and harper had his very first bite to eat! he has been very interested in watching us eat lately and seems a little put out that we don't offer him anything at meal times. i baked and pureed a butternut squash from my friend monique's garden and served it up to him after we ate turkey. it was a very fun, messy, and exciting adventure (exciting for esme' who thought this was just the coolest thing EVER!) he didn't actually swallow much but rather pushed everything right back out with his tongue. i am sure he will be clearing his plate in no time!

and esme is still the proudest big sister around~ she loves her "little" brother!


Anonymous said...

I love the photos of your kids (and admitting to reading your blog occasionally when I am not OCDing in Ravelry :)

Tip Junkie said...

What a cutie!