Sunday, December 14, 2008

sunday evening musings

esme' wandered away with my favorite wood brush, again, so i had to blow my hair dry using this miniature brush this morning. i prefer using a brush that is actually larger than my hand. the favorite brush was located several hours later, under her bed.

we woke up to snow this morning. harper's response was "oh geez!" this is the first time we have heard him use this sentiment. it continued to snow all afternoon~ a snow day tomorrow, perhaps??

harper loves those birds.

here is our little tree that the kids decorated. esme' and harper rearrange the ornaments several times a day. the star on top is crooked and won't stay upright. needless to say it fits right in.

esme's handmade gifts are already under the tree.

harper modeled this little earflap hat that i knit for my friend's nephew. i love it and think he needs his own.

yours in celebrating motherhood,
bad hair days and all!


Anonymous said...

I think it's impressive that you used that brush. Awesome that the kids have their own tree. The gifts look GREAT! Way to go Esme! And I LOVE that hat. I think he definitely needs one. :) And me too. ;)

kraftykash said...

Esme made some nice gifts. I love it when the kids take it upon themselves to put stuff under the tree. We have not had any snow yet this yr (currently knocking on wood!)here in Nebraska.

YayaOrchid said...

I like the hat Harper's wearing. Love the colors too!

Michelle said...

Don't you hate it when your brush disappears? I've got 5 of them, and I'm lucky to find one at any point in time. LOVE the hat! Ear flap hats are my favorite! I just made Charlie one a month or so ago.