Tuesday, January 06, 2009


do you ever spend the better part of the day looking for one lost little item, like say, a sewing pattern for a diaper bag? and while looking for said pattern you end up reorganizing your sewing table, fabric bins and book shelf? said pattern was going to be considered for an upcoming baby shower gift for a friend. you were actually leaning towards another pattern, but now that said pattern cannot be found anywhere it is starting to seem like the perfect and only choice so you must. find. that. pattern! while you were in frenzied search mode you found another forgotten pattern, not for a diaper bag but for a cute top, so then you dug through fabric bins (again) and found the perfect fabric for that project and put it in the pile with the prints reserved for the diaper bag. the pattern that was originally at the top of your list now seems unacceptable... it will never work! hrmph!! now you are sitting at the keyboard with a cup of tea and a sleepy nursling in your lap trying to talk yourself into sewing something completely different.

does this ever happen to you?? no? nah, me either!


*Michelle* said...

Well, at least now your stuff is reorganized-- accidental productivity is my favorite kind!

Lovely Little Lovelies said...

ha! that sounds familiar...considering i just did something similar last night.

i love a good cleaning frenzy. losing a pattern...not so much. hope you find it soon!

Anonymous said...

It's always nice when something helps you tackle organization, but frustrating none-the-less when what you were originally searching for still is missing.

Barbara Myltschenko said...

not yet, but i'm assuming as i get into sewing more it will, so i will be on alert for it. i have a great amy butler pattern for a diaper bag up for grabs if you want it!