Friday, January 23, 2009

spoiled rotten

alternately titled "for the love of shoes!" or "for the love of my wonderful hubby!!"

years and years ago, right after tony and i had started dating, he bought me this fabulous pair of blue suede doc martens for my birthday. i loved them then, and i still love them today!

well, i just so happen to have a birthday coming up this weekend, tomorrow to be exact, so my sweet, sweet husband thought it would be fitting to take me back to the same store that my uber cool blue suede boots came from and buy me another pair. i chose black mary jane docs this time around (anyone else totally bummed that they are made in china now days?!!)

and apparently i have put in enough years that i get two pairs of new shoes for my birthday, so i also brought home this pair of bright red born shoes. they are so soft and squishy- my feet are happy indeed!

we also went to sephora where i got the smoky eye kit from bare escentuals, and then to victoria's secret for some little pretties (i love how he thinks this is a gift for ME!) like i said, spoiled rotten!

in other news, i am recovering from a little cold which has left me with no voice! it is never good when the mama of the house is not able to speak. today i could talk a little, you know, that scratchy, whispery voice that is downright painful to use. so if you have called me and i have not answered my phone, this is why. my friend monique stopped by briefly this afternoon so she got to hear my icky voice and see me taking pictures of my shoes! fingers crossed that i am all better and back to my chatty self tomorrow... after being without a voice for two days i really do have a lot to say!


kraftykash said...

Happy Birthday Erika! I love the shoes. I must say you have great taste. :) I hope your voice comes back soon. Take Care- Kashoan

*Michelle* said...

You picked out some great shoes for showing off knitted socks... ahem. :D (China?! WTF?)

Kim said...

Ooh, I LOVE your cute red shoes!!! Happy Birthday my dear friend. I hope it is a fantastic day for you, you deserve it.

intergalacticrose said...

happy belated the shoes...especially the mary janes...i've always wanted a pair of those~

Anastasia said...

Happy birthday, Erika. Love the new shoes! I have been wanting to take pics of my new shoes, too. I hope you get your voice back today. And hopefully see you Wed evening :)

Jmae said...

Erika! What a fun birthday! I'm so happy for you-Tony is so terrific! Loving your new shoes mama!