Saturday, March 07, 2009

hiding in a pile of yarn and kleenex

remember me? my poor little blog has been grossly neglected lately. let's see, what is new? i got super excited for spring, and then it snowed. but it is sunny and clear today. and my tulips are peeking up out of the dirt. yep, it is march indeed!

we have also had yucky colds! not me so much, but the kids- we just cannot seem to get rid of the runny noses and coughs. no fun!

my knitting friends and i are in the middle of a stash game. you might remember my stash busting efforts from last year. so far i am not nearly as productive as i was for those games. not even close! i finished up these cute little wool shorts for harper. they were stuffed into my knitting bag a few weeks ago when i realized that my cute little cabled owls on the bum were upside down!!

see, there are the little owl horns, at the bottom. they kind of look like feet.

here, i'll flip the photo so you can see the owls right side up. grrr!! ah well, they are still very cute and will get tons of use. this is my very favorite peace fleece colorway- grassroots.

these tiny little sockies were knit for my friend who is expecting a new baby boy this month. i am very lucky to be her doula so i will get to be present when she welcomes her sweet baby into the world! i can't wait!

and we have been doing a lot of this- staying in pajamas all day long!


Anonymous said...

Amazing work as always. Those shorties are adorable!! I wish I had more patience or something. I'm not sure what I need. But I'd love to have E-Man in wool all summer. Eh. I can dream.

kraftykash said...

It seems like everyone we know issicj with something right now! !st we all had a major case of the stomach flu. And now Korby cant stop coughing! I cant wait for Spring!