Monday, April 27, 2009


below are just a few of the wonderful things that were sent and received in the seasonal celebrations spring swap! come peek at the flickr group to see even more photos. this swap was the pioneer in what i hope to be many seasonally themed swaps! i was amazed and delighted to see the packages everyone put together. bunnies, birds, nests, soaps, cloth napkins, kites, sidewalk chalk, flower seeds, candy, recipes, and many, many more spring inspired goodies were sent.

ThAnK YoU to all who participated! i am planning the summer swap and will post a sign up thread the first week of may! please stop back by and check it out~ you won't want to miss it!

spring swap mosaic

1. swap package!, 2. spring swap bunny, 3. spring swap :: felt birds, 4. felted nests, 5. spring swap :: handmade nest, 6. noname(2), 7. seasonal celebrations SPRING swap, sent, 8. Peek at the spring swap contents, 9. Spring swap card, 10. noname, 11. noname(4), 12. noname(5), 13. Bubbles and chocolates, 14. felted nests, 15. spring swap items, 16. seasonal celebrations SPRING swap, received


heather jane said...

I so wanted to do this, but just didn't have the time to do it well. I'll be back for the summer swap, though! Looks like some really fun packages went out...

Kim said...

Oh I am so so bad. Our computer has been having issues so I haven't gotten my pictures posted. I'll do it tonight! :)

kraftykash said...

Hi Erika
Sorry I didnt get pictures in. I hope that does not ban me from the next swap. That was alot of fun. Thanks again for the goodies. :)

erika~ the inspired mama said...

oh, of course not kashoan!! i would love to have you join future swaps :)