Sunday, December 06, 2009

handmade workshop :: home from market

i spent the day at the market yesterday among good friends, many talented artists and delightful holiday shoppers. i was lucky enough to trade with some wonderful vendors and came home with a few treasures for myself and family. supporting handmade is a lovely way to spend a saturday, for sure!

i did come home with a couple monsters, wool crowns, dolls, and coloring wallets that i plan to list in the shop tomorrow. the coloring wallets were very popular and somehow i forgot to take a photo of the stacks of them together before the market which makes me a bit sad.

now it is sunday and so far my day has been tea drinking, book reading, and a stitch here and there on my new knitting project. i am trying to ignore the fact that sooner or later (probably sooner!) i will have to buck up and deal with the state of our home due the market crafting craziness that went on here for the past few weeks. but for the rest of today i am content just the way things are in this moment.

happy sunday, friends!


Jess said...

Rest mama! You deserve it! :-*

Anonymous said...

Those are so cute!!

Glad your show went well.

I totally understand the state of the house with so much crafting. Mine is a wreck. This week it's on since my show is over and it's a pretty open week. I need to get it in order so I feel like finishing with the Christmas decorating. Must get in the mood!! :)

kate said...

Love the crowns and dolls!!!