Wednesday, August 18, 2010

now, if it would just get cold...

i {fi-nal-ly!} finished my shalom cardigan. i mean like, totally, ready to wear, finished. washed, blocked, buttons attached, bring on the cold weather. it is warm. and i really like the color. i think it will definitely get some love this winter!

i modified it quite a bit. i used wool from peace fleece in the lena's meadow colorway. rather than binding off after the triple yoke i left the sleeve stitches on some scrap yarn and came back to them later and knit full length sleeves. this would be super cute with 3/4 length sleeves too! the cuffs are knit in the same twisted rib as the yoke.

i also added three button holes-one for each tier of the yoke. the buttons are also from peace fleece. i found them in the bottom of my notion bag and coincidentally there were exactly three of them left. it was meant to be.

hey, summer, you are officially dismissed.


Rhiannon said...

That is beautiful. I envy your having the patience to knit an adults jumper, I've not even managed to finish a kids jumper this Winter!
Also, you have a lovely smile : )

Patt said...

your sweater is gorgeous!!
great job.
Hugs Patt

*Michelle* said...

You know how I love peace fleece! Very nice sweater. Very nice, indeed! :)