Monday, September 06, 2010

as of right now

i am finally getting excited for autumn. it took me a while to get there but mostly because i had a crazy summer and feel like i missed out.

i have a mad sweet tooth. i generally try to keep it in control.

i am often unsuccessful in keeping my sweet tooth in control.

i have bruises on my hips from hula hooping.

i am really quite proud to be a home birthing, breastfeeding, cloth diapering mama. but i am even more proud of the fantastic little people these kiddos are becoming.

i am thirty six years old and still am not at all uncomfortable telling people my age. every once in a while it freaks me out that i am closer to 40 than i am to 30. but i get over it pretty quick.

i am self conscious of my crooked teeth. it used to be my long, skinny nose, but now days i could care less about that. i bet i will someday not care about my crooked teeth, but then it will be something else, i suppose.

i haven't read a book in an embarrassingly long time. i spend my free time (ha!) knitting and sewing these days.

i used to love to wear make up and cute clothes. now it is considered a good day if i am able to shower. and brush my teeth.

i find it funny that back when i wore make up all of the time i probably didn't need it much. but now that i am older and sleep deprived and not quite as cute and perky there is just simply not time.

and one more thing. i love the people who read my blog. like seriously, i love the kind folks that i seem to attract to this space. i love the sweet comments you leave me and the stories you share. i love reading your blogs about your families and your homes and your amazing creativity. and just simple day to day living, often the most beautiful of all.
for this, my friends, i thank you.


be said... it's the best.
that is all.

chelsea said...

Awww Erika, you're such an amazing woman! Love you too :)

macyllehub said...

What a great post! I love it.

Jess said...

I'm so grateful to have such a wonderfully talented friend. <3 I couldn't imagine not having you to talk to. You are amazing!

Aimee B said...

What a sweet post. I found myself grinning and nodding my head in agreement!

Amybel said...

I'm loving your hat. So much that I stalked, umm I mean, checked out your Ravelry projects to find out what it is. And it's not there! Can you fill me in a little? Please?


Freely Living Life said...

And we LOVE you! Your blog is so you! =)

You are a very real person and we are attracted to these souls.

So thank YOU!


Darcys Knotty Knitter said...

I think you look lovely your are one of the most beautiful people I know inside and out I to dont care much for makeup and feel guilty that I dont wear it more often for hubby but it makes my face itch and I love the feel of my freshly washed face next month is my 43RD birthday Iam celebrating already I have gotten a knitting tattoo and my nose has a tiny stud in it hubby jokes it is my mid life crisis but I just think you are as old as you feel;)Love you bunches girlfriend keep blogging I enjoy the posts so much:)Hugs Darcy

Leslie R. said...

My hip bruises went away...and now I have them on my elbow from working the hip upwards! Ha! But it's so fun!