Thursday, September 09, 2010

cables and cashmere are my favorite.

i want to tell you all about that hat i was wearing in my last post. my new favorite hat.
both the pattern and the yarn are from pepperberry knits. it is the hannah hat knit in 100% recycled cashmere. hat wearing bliss, my friends.

the pattern is really cool and gives you the option to customize the hat and the hat band. i choose the slouchy hat with cabled band. it didn't come out quite as slouchy as i expected but it turns out that i like a slight slouch.

i received both the pattern and yarn as a christmas gift last year from a sweet friend. when someone gives you cashmere in your favorite color you know they pretty much love you.

i have actually had the chance to meet and get to know heidi from pepperberry knits over the summer. she is so sweet and super fun and i can't wait to knit more of her patterns (like those mitts!) and that yarn.... there will be more cashmere knitting in my future, for certain.


Amybel said...

Yay, yay! I thought that might be the pattern (after a long, getting-sidetracked-on-Ravelry search). Thanks so much for straghtening me out. Cashmere, huh? Mmmm....

erika~ the inspired mama said...

oh amybel, i know better than to post photos of something handmade without a pattern source and other important information :P so sorry!!

Leslie R. said...

This is amazing! I just had my first knitting "lesson" last night at a ladies group, and I can't wait till I can make real stuff!!

DJ said...

I LOVE this hat, it looks so snappy but so cosy at the same time!