Monday, November 01, 2010

november one. er, two.

i started this post last night but after homework and dinner and bath time and bed it was forgotten and then remembered today, november two. here is what we've been up to ::

he went to his first homecoming dance and we learned the half winsor knot together thanks to youtube. no clip on ties for us thankyouverymuch!

they had a daddy-daughter date to the rain gutter regatta with her girl scout troop and lunch at mongolian bbq (her choice) after.

while they were at the regatta we attended the philharmonsters performance and had a whole lot of fun even though it was a bit crowded for harper's comfort.

niko attempted to play the trumpet at the instrument petting zoo.

luca didn't have a halloween costume but he was pretty festive anyway.

harper and esme were ready for tricks and treats at "ghouls at school".

and, i finished luca's little hat just in time for sunday evening, so he went out dressed as a rainbow gnome. you can find the adorable pattern here.

we had a wonderful october with lovely weather and plenty of fun with friends and family. now we are eagerly looking forward to whatever november has in store for us.

happy monday/tuesday, friends!


Jessica said...

aww! I love that photo of Luca on the quilt! so cute!

and homecoming!!! EEK!

Heidi said...

What a cute little gnome :)
Beautiful Erika!