Saturday, October 23, 2010

harvest festival

we visited the north end organic nursery today for some family friendly harvest celebrating.
the festivities included bouncy houses, swings and slides, cotton candy, hot cocoa, live music and local produce.

he started out in costume

but once we discovered pumpkin painting he shed his furry coat and went to work. i talked him into choosing this green and orange pumpkin because i thought it looked so cool but it was soon covered completely with a rainbow of thick, gooey paint. and it looks even better than before.

esme went with a classic jack o lantern look for her pumpkin. she also let some teenagers paint a small pumpkin on her cheek while harper respectfully declined.

we tried so hard to get luca to smile for the camera but all we ended up with are about a dozen photos that look just like this. he was sleeping sound just moments after this photo was taken.

just look at all of the locally grown pumpkins and that great big chair!

happy harvest season, friends!


Hege said...

Looks like great fun!
We have no tradition in celebrating Halloween here in Norway, but it as become more and more of it in the last years. But it's the costumes and "trick or treat" that are popular. It's not so much about harvesting and pumpkins ;)

Little Messy Missy said...

Looks like a blast!!!