Tuesday, August 23, 2011

the flip side

this is a follow up of sorts to sunday's happy little post. yesterday went a whole lot different. it did start with smiles and dancing and a yummy breakfast with my tots. but then it became one big ol' ball of crazy as the kids bickered and whined while mama tried to get not-so-fun chores done and baby luca went from one destructive activity to another right under my feet.

he ate one of esme's markers. the dark blue one. he also bit harper, hard, right on the cheek leaving a dandy bruise. i was stressed and so were my little people.

thank goodness for rescue remedy, coffee, leftover cake and popscicles. i was able to stop and take a deep breath {or two} and somewhat pick our day back up just before a gnarly crash landing.

today is the very last day of summer vacation. we went out earlier and picked up a couple last minute neccesities {like a new pack of markers for esme who simply cannot live without dark blue}
she told me she can't wait for today to be over so she can hurry up and sleep so it will be time to go to school already. she just really loves school, i guess. i've got mixed emotions - sweet summer, i am so sad but relieved at the same time to see you go so soon. oh hey, who is that next in line? ahhh, autumn ♥

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Anonymous said...

Well, I sure hope today is better. I'm sure it will be...days like that rarely come back to back!

Here's to the next yummy season,