Thursday, August 25, 2011

small style :: back to school edition

i can hardley believe that summer vacation is over. didn't it seem to last forever when we were kids. this year we sent two kids to high school (!!), one to third grade and still have two at home. since it is still super hot here we put off buying new clothes for a few more weeks when it will be cool enough to wear jeans.
'cept the big kids are already that cool and they wear jeans even when it is 100 degrees...

here is what they wore for their first day back ::

on esme ::
striped sweatshirt by old navy
polka dot gray tee by target
ruffled rainbow skirt by old navy, a hand-me-down from a special friend
and brand new, pink plaid NSS shoes with ribbon laces.

on riley and niko ::
they both wore old tee shirts and old jeans. they try to deny the fact that they are a bit alike but i think these photos say otherwise...

and here are the little cuties who stayed home with mama.
on harper ::
we are encouraging him to choose his own clothes and i pretty much just go with whatever he picks out as long as it is weather appropriate and fits him. this day it was a brown polo shirt and brown sweat shorts. his summer sandles are, you guessed it, brown. can't go wrong with all brown, i suppose.

on luca ::
short overalls by babyGAP
ooga booga tank top by mama ♥
laguna sandles by soft star shoes

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1 comment:

Miss Mac said...

Everybody's happy and lookin good.
(looks like you were able to get all the marker off wee man's face :} )

With the way my kids dress themselves I am just happy if the clothes fit! That goes for my high school kids too. My oldest tries to leave the house yesterday with a red graphic tee and his "old man sweater" that is blue and black striped,holey dirty jeans,tan belt with lots of studs in it, and his big black DC shoes. I thought my daughter was going to have a heart attack. She ran and forced him to change.
I just had to add all that because your kids seem to have their act together when it comes to dressing for school.
I give out brownie points in the mornings if they don't wake the 3 yr old. One less set of feet walking around here in the midst of morning chaos.