Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 :: an inspired year

playing * knitting * sewing * mama made * kiddo made * baking * cooking * nourishing * learning * dress up-dress down * nest fluffing * sharing * loving * laughing * crying * healing *
celebrating the simple and the sensational. 

i love the new year. a fresh slate of sorts. i have some new goals for 2012 and some old resolutions that are ongoing works in progress. i want to work on being tidier {especially in my studio}. i am going to work on using my time more wisely. these things do not come naturally to me.
i also want to become a better spouse, and a more patient mama. more understanding, less yelling, don't sweat the small stuff, deep breathing and letting go.

tonight we are settled in with popcorn, sparkling {and hard} cider, cozy jammies and the times square count down. a simple yet sensational celebration...

happiest new year wishes, friends. 
cheers, erika

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