Thursday, December 22, 2011

winter solstice happenings

welcoming the idea of longer days, coffee with a wee bit of homemade irish cream stirred in, a fun crafty project with the littles, welcome daddy home from work, a delicious homemade meal with my loves, a celebratory visit to the beautiful botanical garden this evening to chat with santa and pet prancer the reindeer {sad there is no snow this year}, and perhaps a late night toast with the mister after the kids are all tucked in tight. 

 {harper's solstice sweater :: december 2009}

i didn't make wonderful homemade solstice gifts for the kids this year and i have been feeling a little sad about it. i simply planned way too much for myself this month and was not able to complete many projects for my family. so instead of a mama-made solstice gift i picked up three white ceramic piggy banks at a thrift store a few weeks ago and we are going to paint them together this afternoon. and even though it is still just a little too big luca is going to wear harper's cozy orange wool solstice sweater to the gardens tonight!

love and blessings, friends ♥

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Heidi said...

Happy Solstice to you! That sweater is beautiful, so great you have another child to pass it down to.