Saturday, March 10, 2012

currently*in march

 here is what we are currently up to ::

planning new garden beds, spring crops, chicken coops, nature table displays, a new vlog post and outside gathering spaces.

making a hooded vest for luca, soap, wonderful goodies for the organics shop, and home brewed kombucha.

loving new haircuts, taproot, this cookbook, new bikes and the sunshine and fresh air... we needed it, so bad!

hair before
 hair after :: new bangs!

 esme's hair before

and after :: adorable a-line

listening to jewel (we are especially fond of "sammy the spider"), fleet foxes, and ani difranco on pandora.

excited for a super fun saint patrick's day celebration at a friend's home, babies, spring break trips, longer days, more outside and SpRiNg! 

seriously spring, please hurry...

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Robyn said...

Esme's new haircut is so adorable! It really suits her.