Friday, March 30, 2012

welcoming the weekend*

 today ::
* rain * coffee, glorious coffee * the last load of vacation laundry washed, folded and put away * a movie and snuggles with my sweet kiddos * chicken coop building by the mister * mama made soap carefully poured into wooden whiskey box molds * mac n' cheese dinner * warm bathes and early tuck in *
a proper welcome to the weekend!

well friends, we are home from our little spring break mountain get away. we came home yesterday afternoon and reluctantly abandoned our vacation schedules and got right back into the daily rhythm of our home.

oh, and i thought i would share with you the big, huge mess my little luca made the day before we left for our mountain trip.

 this is my oven door just seconds after a pretty rock from esme's collection went through it (you can see the point of entry over there on the bottom-right corner) the safety glass splintered into millions of tiny little cracks and barely held up long enough for us to get something (our shower curtain) under it. immediately after the plastic shower liner was placed on the floor the whole glass door fell out.

 leaving me with this. it looks like it will be a pretty penny to replace the glass and i could barely sleep that night because i was so upset. but my patient husband and sweet friends pointed out that it really could have been a whole lot worse, like the new sliding glass door or our huge front picture window or the new television screen. so i am currently {trying desperately} to look at the bright side of things and not obsessing about things like the hard earned funds i was saving for a brand new camera going right into my oven door instead... sigh.

on a brighter note, i have finally stocked my organics shop with wonderful smell better butter and tiny heiny diaper balm and foaming wipe wash! and lovely hand made, organic soap is on it's way to the shop later this spring! to celebrate i am going to have a little inspired mama giveaway, so check back tomorrow for details!

happiest friday, friends!

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Robyn said...

I'm so sorry about your oven door. Big hugs!