Wednesday, April 17, 2013

*little rainbow farmette

the back corner of our property makes me ridiculously happy. it is a sunny patch that features our 450 square foot organic garden, two giant bins of  kitchen and yard waste breaking itself down into rich and lovely compost and our little rainbow coop that houses our backyard chickens. 

the barred rock hen in the photo above was the victim of a vicious raccoon attack a few weeks ago. i will spare you the gruesome fresh wound pics, but her neck was essentially just a big mess of bloody and mangled flesh. every single person who saw her in the week after told me she was going to die. as the injury heals little by little the scabs are replaced with soft scar tissue. no feathers will grow there again. she will be our funky looking yard bird from now on. but she has recovered and moved back in with the flock and is back to laying 2-3 eggs a week. we changed her name from ramona to ramona the brave.


i had hoped to expand the farmette this year adding some rabbits or perhaps a hive of honey bees. but there were no new additions to announce this spring. next year, for sure!

this is the crazy looking contraption we rigged up to keep our pea sprout babies safe from the chickens and the squirrels.

so far it is working like a charm!
Happy Spring!!

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Heidi said...

So glad your chicken made it! Yay! Your coop is adorable.