Tuesday, April 30, 2013

little vintage sofa makeover

This is my little vintage sofa. I adore this thing. It is comfy, cute, and made from the perfect fabric (so soft and so easy to clean!)
I thought it was just right until I saw a couple pins on Pinterest over the weekend that made me gasp out loud. Seriously folks, the quickest, easiest vintage sofa/chair makeover ever.
Remove the skirt!!
Don't believe me? See for yourself.
with dingy, ruffled skirt.
and without!

I have a black dog who loves to lay up against the sofa so the skirt was pretty dirty. This just made perfect sense. It came off really easily. My husband pried it off with a butter knife while I went behind him and pulled all the staples out with pliers. 10 minutes and we were done. And now you can see darling sofa's pretty wood legs!

Here is a chair that was updated by removing the skirt.

And another sofa makeover here.

One more! Go check out my friend Chelsea's Instagram feed to see pics of her new thrifted sofa that she transformed by removing the skirt! It's amazing, right?

What do you think, friends! All vintage furniture should be freed from their skirts, yes? If you decide to transform a sofa or chair this way please send me a link or pics!


Ria said...

Looks great! What a difference

erika~ the inspired mama said...

Thanks Ria! I'm so happy with the outcome :)