Wednesday, May 29, 2013

new beginnings, endings and a little in between*

the past few weeks have presented my family with many changes - a new school for the kids, exciting employment opportunities,  a change in summer plans, just to name a few. transformation is hard, but so is stagnant living. so i am currently rolling with the tide, trying to keep my head above water and just waiting anxiously to see where life leads us.

i recently made the huge decision to close up my little handmade and organic shops. this was not an easy choice to make and i am still very sad to let it all go but i am also breathing a sigh of relief. i am participating in one last event this fall with some friends, so if you are local please come visit me at my last Hyde Park Street Fair appearance! i am hoping i can spend my creative time sewing and knitting items for my family and tending to my garden and my animals and canning, baking, cooking... all those lovely homestead-y things i truly enjoy doing but often do not have time for!

i have also decided to start a brand new journey and i recently joined the Barefoot Books company - my family has loved these books for years! i bought a couple at a children's fair several years ago and then had a book party in my home a couple years after that. last month i wanted to purchase a barefoot book for each of my kids for their birthdays and i discovered that this wonderful company was sadly under-represented in my neck of the woods. after a whole lot of discussion with my hubby and some friends i decided to sign up and bring these amazing stories and gifts to my valley! i will be honest, i had a somewhat hard time talking myself into this - multi-level marketing has never been my cup of tea, but i adore these books so much - the diversity, the art, the magical tales - i am proud and very excited to share them with others!

so there you have it. wish me luck, sweet friends! here we grow again...

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Heidi said...

I love the Barefoot books company. I wrote and illustrated a Children's book when I was in art school and I sent it off to them, sadly I didn't hear back.