Thursday, June 06, 2013

i made a dress*


In my last post I shared my desire to make stuff for myself and my family now that I am no longer sewing for my handmade business. Making good on that declaration here is my first completed project of the season - a new dress for ME! I am so excited!
The Pattern is The Ashland Dress from Sew Liberated. I used designer quilter's cotton from JoAnns. I installed the prettiest invisible zipper. And this thing fits like, well, like it was made for me!
Next up in my queue are darling vintage inspired shorts. I have dreamy visions of creating an entire handmade summer wardrobe. And this evening I dyed enough wool yarn to knit my self a cozy winter sweater.
Stay tuned for more selfish crafting posts, friends! 


Kate said...

This is ADORABLE!! :) I love the style and it looks fabulous on you! Great job with it!! What pattern are you going to use for the shorts? I've been wanting to make myself some sorts too, but the pattern I tried last summer was definitely not my style and I'm not good enough to figure out how to alter it in the million ways it needed altering. Can't wait to see your shorts!!

erika~ the inspired mama said...

Thanks Kate! ::* I am going to sew one pair of shorts from a Lisette pattern and one pair from a dorky little pattern for culottes (See and Sew B5771) because the top of the culottes is so cute and I figure I can shorten them to my liking. I will be sure to post pics of the results here!

Heidi said...

It looks great on you,good job!