Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Belly Upadate~

This is not my favorite photo, but it was the best of the bunch. It was definitely one of those "do I really look like that" moments! I am 26 weeks now. It is really going by fast (check back at week 37 or so and see how fast I think it is going then). This Baby is really active, except for when Daddy is trying to feel kicks, or our midwife is trying to listen to the little heart. The Baby kicks for Esme' all the time. They have quite the relationship already. She talks to and hugs the belly every morning when she wakes up and often throughout the day. I think this little one will have more than one "Mommy" in the house! She has been very patient with the endless weeks it takes for a Baby to be ready to come out. We have told her that the Baby will be here just in time for her birthday... that seems good enough for her!

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Heidi said...

what are you talking about you look fantastic!
XO Heidi