Tuesday, April 03, 2007

I love Spring!

Spring is so wonderful! We have flowers in full bloom! And, I am already planning my vegetable garden! I think I will keep it small and simple this year because I have a feeling with a brand new Baby the garden may not get as much attention as it should. I became pregnant at the end of the growing season last year and let's just say my poor plants became the most neglected garden in history.

These are the Primroses Tony brought home from the store the other day. I helped Esme' plant them this morning, to add to "her garden."
Here is Esme' digging for Roly Poly bugs in her little garden. Right now she has some Grape Hyacynths and a few Tulips that have yet to bloom in there.

Notice the Build-A-Bear shirt she has on over her own shirt! *sigh*

And, here is my little herb garden that is in serious need of a clean-up! That will be my next project for sure!

Oh, and I can't forget my profoundly pregnant shadow!!


Jessica said...

Erika! I love the shadow picture! it is beautiful!

frugalmom said...

I love the shadow picture too. I have never seen anything like that! Definitely keep that one!

Stephanie Precourt said...

Oh, just BEAUTIFUL!! : )