Monday, April 16, 2007

What I have been up to...

...not blogging, thats for sure! Hmmm, does that say "the daily ramblings of a creative Mama" in my blogs description? Maybe it should say the occasional ramblings, or the far and few between ramblings~
I have been getting ready for Baby's arrival! Washing little clothes and diapers and neatly stacking them in the drawers, deep cleaning every room of the house, and getting rid of nearly everything in my path!! I have also particiapted in a couple swaps recently.
This was for an expecting mama/new baby swap. Below is the package I sent out: 3 back issues of Compleat Mother Magazine (my favorite!), yarn that I kettle dyed so she can knit for her Baby, a jar of lanolin, a box of Pregnancy Tea, and 3 CD's that I burned for her to listen to during her waterbirth at home.

Here is the package I received: 12 cloth baby wipes, a red wet bag for diapers, 2 sets of nursing pads, and 2 Mama made Baby outfits, one of which is sewn from bamboo velour and so soft!! I should have probably taken this picture agaist a dark background so everything would show up a little better. Everything is lovely, trust me!

I knitted and dyed this headband for my new beautifully dreadlocked friend in exchange for some sewing~

She made me these super cool nursing pads and a little Mei Tai for Esme'. I plan to give Esme' the Mei Tai when the Baby is born. I figure since I will be using mine all the time she might like one of her own! I will post pics of her wearing her babies very soon!

I also finished embelishing these foam clogs for Esme' and I (please ignore my swollen preggo ankles!!) I still need to get a pair done for Niko.

I have also cast on a couple last minute knitted items for Baby. I figure I will just keep knitting til this little one decides it is time to join us!

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