Thursday, May 03, 2007


We are still waiting on Baby, so I thought I would update my blog while I have some free time. I suspect that here very soon free time is going to become rare!
Here is the belly cast that Tony and I made a couple weeks ago. Tony is becoming pretty good at casting pregnant bellies~ he did 2 casts of my belly when I was pregnant with Esme' and now this one. This one is absolutely gorgeous! We haven't taken my previous casts out for comparison yet, but I think I am bigger this time around. I feel bigger than ever anyway! I am torn between painting and decorating this one or just leaving it white. It really is quite striking all on it's own!

There have been no signs that Baby will be joining us anytime soon, although I really have a feeling it will be this weekend. Cinco De Mayo is a possibility and Riley pointed out that if the Baby waits until May 6th the Birth Day will be 5-6-07! I have been able to start and finish several projects around the house while waiting. One of these projects is sure to be interrupted by Baby!!
Come out Baby~ we are all so anxious to meet you!

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