Monday, May 07, 2007

A watched uterus never contracts...

This is exactly how I have been feeling this week~ like a watched pot. Our phone rings off the hook all day long and it is always the same thing when we answer the phone "No Baby yet?" No. No Baby yet! Honestly, we won't keep it a secret when this Baby does decide it is time (although after this week I am tempted to!).

I have been feeling really good. I have had better sleep this week than I have the last 2 months. We have been walking a lot and trying to get some projects done around the house. Tony painted the hallway the day before yesterday and has been getting quite a bit done in the yard. We never did get the garden beds ready and I am really disappointed. Hopefully we will get at least a couple plants in the ground. We have had beautiful pumpkins in our garden every year! I can't imagine a Halloween without our home grown pumpkins!

Tony went back to work today. He is picking up a couple shifts so we have at least 2 or 3 days left of his paternity leave after baby is born. I decided it was a good thing for him to have a few days off before Baby to get things in order around here and for us to spend some time together before our family changes again.

I have been playing little games with myself, like if I cast on now can I finish another pair of longies before Baby arrives, or which will come first, Baby or my new custom Baby Hawk mei tai that I have been stalking the mailman for... Anything to pass the time!

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